Her first confirmation that her new husband’s plans for her had been put into operation, came when she applied to have her driving licence altered to reflect her married name and was informed by the clerk that there was no trace of her on the central computer. For a few moments she was puzzled, thinking it must be a mistake, then it dawned on her that her husband must have used the computer skills that had made him the owner of one of the largest independent software companies in the country ... and one of the wealthiest men ... to delete her records from the system. He had begun the process that would make her a non-person as far as the authorities and the outside world were concerned.

With no official record of her existence, she would simply vanish without trace, with nothing to show that she had ever been born, or owned property, or voted, or had married her husband, never mind having ever even possessed a driving licence! Thrilled that he had acted so swiftly on their agreed course of action, she couldn’t wait to find out what else he had expunged from her files and drove to the nearest garage to buy petrol. She was forced to pay by cash when her credit cards were rejected as unusable and untraceable, then deciding to check on her store-cards, she punched the number of her favourite shop into her mobile, but was greeted by a taped message informing her that her phone had been de-activated and that no further information was available. At least a nearby pay-phone worked, but when she called each of the stores in turn, it was to be told that the card numbers she quoted had never been issued.

At the voters’ records department, the passport office, the education service, even the registry of births and marriages, the story was the same ... no trace, no trace, no trace, no trace ... and at each flat rejection of her physical reality, she became more and more excited with her husband’s thoroughness and the now, very real prospect of becoming officially invisible.

Her final call was to the taxation department and when even they, the ultimate tracing agency, confirmed that she had never, to their computers’ knowledge, earned a penny or paid tax, she knew that her husband’s skilled efforts had been a total success.

With her parents long since deceased in a motor accident, her distant relatives thousands of miles away on a different continent, and her few friends aware only that she had married an unnamed stranger and moved far away, there was no-one to wonder where she was and no reason to look for her ... just as they had jointly wanted and planned. Her husband was to be the only person who would know where she was and what had become of her.

She was well aware, of course, that most people would think it strange that she should want to vanish so completely ... but then, most people would never understand the unique relationship between her and the man she loved.  Theirs was the ideal symbiotic partnership ... a partnership if not of equals in the accepted sense, then one of perfectly-matching halves and mutual inter-dependence ... she, deeply and willingly submissive with a powerful need to be subjugated and controlled combined with her husband: equally strongly dominant with an insatiable urge to exert his absolute authority and impose rigid discipline upon her.

Within minutes of meeting, each had recognised that the other would complete the circle of their secret desires and from that moment they had been inseparable. Marriage was an inevitability and immediately after they had become one, their thoughts turned to enhancing and extending the bondage and control aspects of their shared passion.

Not once had either balked or hesitated at the prospect of making their pleasures permanent and irreversible and when they discussed and agreed on the basics of what would be their new lives together, it had become clear to them that only by ensuring complete privacy from both personal and official contacts, would it be possible to explore the full range of experiences offered by their plans.

Put in its simplest terms, she would be held in the strictest confinement that could be devised and with no possibility of rescue nor of unwanted interference from the outside world. Her fate would be entirely in the hands and power of her husband and her every action and reaction subject to his 24 hour control and permitted only with his active involvement and consent.

Should he choose to withhold consent ... and the principle was one he insisted upon, with only minimal reluctance on her part ... his decision was to be final and she would have no option but to accept the situation, regardless of her own wishes or preferences. For this reason and to ensure that both she and he reaped the maximum benefit and pleasure from their respective roles, it was agreed, after discussion, that no time limit would be set on her incarceration and that she would have no “safe-word” or other means of bringing her servitude to an end.

He, and he alone, would be the sole arbiter of her destiny, the setter of the level of subjugation she must endure and the judge of when ... and if ... she would be released. Once set on her course of submission to him, there would be no going back and no appeal against his decisions. She would be his, to do with as he pleased, for as long as he chose. To both her and her husband, this was the ultimate fantasy, the dream they had sought as individuals for many years, never truly expecting to find a solution, but working together, they could and would make it happen ...

With money and the will to succeed, all things are possible and she and her husband had a great deal of both, so while he set to work on the complex task of erasing her life history from every conceivable repository of documents and records, she began the first stage of her preparations for the new life she was soon to experience. By the time she learned that he had succeeded in his work, she already had every trace of hair below her neck permanently removed and her nipples, clitoris, and nasal septum pierced and grommeted, ready for installation of the titanium body-jewellery. It was not just jewellery though, for the various pieces that would serve to emphasise and display her subjugation, were also designed to be secure anchorage points for the other control and restraint devices she would be required to wear.

The healing process for the piercings took several months, during which time the sub-basement of their large home was converted to form living-quarters and a training area; each carefully sound-proofed, ultra-secure and fitted with the very latest, infra-red capable, monitoring and surveillance systems. All were wireless-linked to the many computer terminals in the main and public part of the house and enabled him to observe her at all times, even in total darkness.

The extent and thoroughness of these preparations was a huge turn-on for them both and as the work progressed and the day when their dreams would become reality approached, their sexual passion intensified, spurred-on by the knowledge that very soon, the entire basis of their relationship would change from a loving, caring, jointly-shared expression of their desire to pleasure and satisfy the other, to one in which the balance of power would be so totally one-sided that she would be required to obey, without question or hesitation, any and every demand made of her by her husband. Her absolute subjugation could and would be enforced by any means necessary. Total mental and physical submission was to be ruthlessly imposed upon her with no possibility of resistance or hope of escape from her willingly-given commitment.

The last moments of her freedom were celebrated with a glass of the finest champagne and a long, lingering kiss and when her husband stepped back to toast her with the words, “To us, my love, and to the beginning of our dreams,” she shivered in delicious excitement and fear, knowing that her greatest fantasy was about to be realised. Taking a deep breath, she replied.

“I am ready, darling!” and swallowed the superb wine in one gulp, then placed the glass on the table. Following suit, her husband gazed into her soft brown eyes.

“Then, as of this moment,” he told her firmly, “You no longer have a name. You will refer to yourself as ‘slave’ at all times. You will never again use ‘I’, or ‘me’, or the name you no longer possess ... only ‘slave’. And you shall address me, when permitted, as ‘Master’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” she replied carefully, “Your slave understands and will obey her Master.”

“Remove all of your clothing and place your hands behind your neck. Fingers laced and legs spread.”

Her hands raced to obey and as she stripped herself naked before him and displayed her body exactly as he had instructed; her belly fluttering to the savage heat that accompanied her obedience of his first order.
Beautifully presented, she fought to hold her pose when his hands captured her doubly-pierced right breast, and when he inserted a thick barbell through the grommeted hole at the base of her nipple and an equally thick titanium ring through the one near the tip, she gulped and licked her lips at the noticeable weight and thrilling symbolism of the metal transfixing her flesh.

One minute later, her left breast was identically adorned and when he took each barbell and ring in turn between his strong fingers and applied considerable pressure, internal locks snapped closed and she knew that all four adornments were now permanent fixtures and could not be removed without disfiguring surgery. She would bear them in her body for the rest of her life, permanent reminders of his Mastery and when he crouched at her feet, she felt warm juices trickle from her sex.

Almost before she realised it, a series of clicks and a sensation of weight at her clitoris told her that she was similarly adorned between her legs. He rose to his feet and she shuddered to the knowledge that even with no other bonds yet in place, he need only hook a finger through any of the now permanent rings to control her utterly. Pierced through her most delicate and sensitive tissues, she would not dare resist, for even a slight tug would send unbearable pain shooting through her body and compel her instantaneous obedience. Her mind raced at the thought of the power her rings gave him and he issued another command.

“Head up!”

She gulped and obeyed, her eyes widening when he lifted the final titanium ring to her nose and pressed it closed through the grommeted hole, high up in the septum inside her nostrils. With it locked in place, he spun the gleaming ring to ensure it was free to revolve, then let it drop and she felt its cool weight come to rest against her upper lip, knowing that it would be completely impossible to conceal and would forever advertise her status as the owned possession she longed to be. With a leash attached, it would be a supremely efficient control device, giving her no alternative but to follow wherever it led.

Like the barbells and rings mounted in her flesh, the costume and restraints she was to wear were also made of titanium, but far thicker and heavier, each piece custom-crafted to fit her so exactly that when closed and locked, there would be no possibility of her escaping their commanding presence.

Befitted her new status as slave, the first to be fitted was a collar and when the tall column was brought to her throat, she stretched her neck and raised her chin, her eyes widening in fearful excitement. Then, the cool, rigid metal encircled her throat, cupped her chin and forced her to maintain her haughty, head-up pose when the three internal locks snapped closed. She gasped at the sensation, feeling the restriction and weight of the now irremovable device. She could no longer look down or bend her neck and when she tested the extent of her head’s movement, she also discovered that it was only possible for her to look left or right by turning her whole body! She shuddered with fierce arousal and felt her sex ooze wetly to the knowledge that the process of removing her physical freedom had truly begun.

The titanium corset came next and was an incredible feat of skilled engineering, conforming with milli-metric precision to the curves of her torso, waist, and hips. Its shaped supports lifted and offered her breasts while leaving them fully exposed; extruded through twin titanium bands that curved over the tops of the firm globes. Moving behind, her Master exerted his strength so that each of the six locking bands clicked shut and she gasped when the metal compressed her body in a firmer, but not yet tight grasp. She gave a grasp, knowing that breathing would soon become far more demanding, for each of the bands contained a ratchet mechanism that would be used to sculpt her body into the shape and dimensions her Master required.

Lifting each foot in turn, she held her balance while he fitted her shoes, each consisting of little more than a small titanium sole with a metal strap across the tops of her toes, a curved, steeply-arched bar linking it to the heel-cup, a locking titanium ankle-strap and a towering needle-thin heel some seven inches in height. With the locks engaged, she was forced onto her toes; her feet, ankles and calves forming a straight, near-vertical line and she felt the immediate aching of her muscles while her legs struggled to accommodate themselves to the demanding position required She gulped with the knowledge that, no matter how much she ached, or how she might long for some relief from the constant discomfort, that option was no longer hers to choose. She would have to endure the punitive footwear for as long as her Master wished.  Strolling behind her, he calmly made another order.

“Wrists behind!”

She lowered her arms and crossed them at the small of her naked back, unable to prevent a shiver of mixed arousal and fear while she visualised the device that was about to be locked onto her limbs. As with everything she was to wear, it had been the subject of much discussion and she knew exactly how it would confine her arms in a rigid column, far too strong and close-fitting for her to break or permit the smallest hope of escape. Her arms would be lost to her, incapable of movement and when she imagined how utterly helpless she would be to resist any demands made of her, she felt her belly kick powerfully and a trickle of juices ooze from her sex.

Cool, hard titanium bands closed around her crossed wrists and when it fully gripped her flesh and a series of clicks had sounded, she knew that the point of no return had been passed. She was committed to an unknown period of total and irrevocable slavery. With her wrists now secured, she was fully at the mercy of her Master, just as they both desired and had planned, but it was time for the next portion and when a broad titanium cuff encircled her right arm, just above the elbow-joint, she arched her spine, squeezing her elbows together as tightly as she could to receive the second cuff. Tightly, but not tightly enough. She gasped in anguish when his strong hands seized her upper arms and forced them even more closely together, dragging her shoulders back until he was able to clamp the second cuff in place. The tension on her shoulders was enormous, the stringency of her bondage considerably more severe than she had anticipated, but her Master gave a satisfied chuckle.

“Now, you’re beginning to look the part of a slave!”

She fought down her desire to beg him to ease her bonds and made herself accept the stressful position, remembering that she’d had many opportunities to set limits on the extent of her subjugation and that, of her own free will, had relinquished all control over her body and given him total authority to do as he wished with her ... and to her. Rigidly welded to a thick titanium rod that rose some 15 inches above her elbows, the cuffs had no give or free play whatsoever and when he slotted the rod’s upper end into a special socket at the rear of her collar and an internal lock snapped shut, her arms were held at full extension, preventing any bending of the limbs and permitting only an ineffectual wiggling of her fingers.

Prevented from looking down by the tight, high collar clasped and locked around her throat, she could not see him squat to fit cuffs around each of her ankles, locking them above the tight straps of her shoes. His fingers tapped her left calf and she obediently shuffled her feet apart to allow him to fit the adjustable titanium bar to the cuffs, this serving to keep her legs spread as wide as he desired and thus give him unhindered access to her sex. Clipped and locked into sockets in each cuff, built-in swivels would allow her to walk, albeit slowly; having to swing each leg in a wide, clumsy arc, but should he choose to restrict her still further, a simple twist of the bar’s centre section would lock the swivels and hold the bar at any desired length, immobilising her. Thankfully, for the moment, he contented himself with a spread of about 24 inches and when he rose to his feet and watched her, she cautiously explored her bondage, testing what little freedom of movement she still possessed.

Her eyes widened and a pink flush coloured her cheeks when she found herself totally helpless and unable to reduce her exposure to his gaze. He nodded in satisfaction and she lowered her eyes in submission and arousal, knowing that if he decided to take her there and then, there was nothing she could do to stop him. He gave a soft chuckle and she knew that he was as aware of her defencelessness and vulnerability as she was, just as they had planned and agreed. She was now his slave and entirely at his mercy, her body his to use however he chose, her pleasure or torment subject to his slightest whim, his control of every aspect of her life absolute, with no appeal or hope of rescue ... or escape.

Her one remaining freedom was her power of speech, but this, too, had been taken into account in their plans and when he fetched the specially-designed gag made for her by their dentist, she knew she was about to lose her control of even this ability. Once it had been fitted she would be able to communicate only with her eyes and whatever sounds she could produce through her ringed nose. Knowing that it would be her last chance for an indeterminate period, she took a deep breath.

“Your slave loves her Master,” she told him sincerely, “and begs to serve him as the full and willing slave she is and longs to be.”

He gazed at her for long seconds, then smiled warmly.

“And so you shall, my love!” he replied softly and lifted the gag to her lips.

She trembled in helpless excitement and opened her jaws to accept the silencer. It was made of hard plastic and resilient neoprene, having been made from a mould taken by her dentist, shaped to fit every contour of her mouth, but leave her airway and gullet unobstructed. Her teeth fit into rubber-cushioned recesses on top and bottom and her tongue into a thin pocket on its underside. The silencing device also came with tapered blocks, wider at the front, ensuring that her mouth would remain open no matter how hard or desperately she attempted to bite down.

It was far from easy to fit the thing, for her instinctive reaction against allowing such a large, intrusive object into her mouth caused her to attempt to pull back when he began to insert the gag pad, but without her arms and unable to twist her head away thanks to her rigid collar, her trembling resistance was easily overcome despite her muffled protests and wide-eyed horror. Her Master was eventually able to work it fully inside her oral cavity and fearing dislocation, she gasped in relief when it seated itself firmly and her over-stretched jaws were able to relax a little. He relief though was only momentary ... It dawned on her that the device was now larger than her mouth-opening and that without her tongue to push and the use of her hands to assist, there was no way she was going to be able to eject it without his help!

Her tongue strained convulsively in its rubber pocket when she attempted to express alarm, but it was useless and as her Master grinned, listening delightedly to the soft, wordless whines that were all that emerged as a result of her efforts. It was clear that he was thoroughly enjoying her plight ... as was she. Although her bondage was more effective and her level of helplessness somewhat greater than she’d anticipated, the overall result was almost exactly what they had wanted and she couldn’t help but be sexually excited ... and deliciously frightened at the realisation of their shared dreams.

Her liberty was gone, taking with it any hope of her being able to exert any sort of control over her fate. She was forced to accept her Master’s unlimited power over her, and once more her belly kicked and pulsed in a mini-orgasm and a trickle of hot juices oozed from her sex to mark her first climax as his slave. Lifting her eyes to his face, she gazed at him, begging mutely for him to take her and give her the full sexual ecstasy she longed for, but such decisions were no longer hers to influence and instead of accepting her unspoken offer, he moved behind once more and began to adjust her corset. One by one, each of the six straps was ratcheted tighter, squeezing her waist to a size that she wouldn’t have thought possible and moulding her body into an extreme hour-glass shape that emphasised the swelling curves of her hips and breasts. The arcane, Victorian instrument of sophisticated torment clamped her torso in a rigid, unbending vice of titanium; reducing her to shallow, panting breaths when she fought to suck oxygen into her compressed lungs.

With no spare breath to protest and most thoroughly gagged, she could only watch helplessly when he again stood before her then slowly ratcheted the twin titanium bands looped over her breasts tighter and tighter. These too tightened remorselessly around the bases of the fleshy globes! Her breasts immediately became hard and swollen, jutting straight out from her chest, each near-spherical and tipped with an engorged, rigidly-erect and painfully-sensitive nipple. A despairing moan of enhanced sensitivity hissed through her impaled nose.

Clearly pleased by the resulting display, he reached out and flicked the dangling rings, lips curving into a mischievous grin when she squealed shrilly and her eyes bulged out with the devastating arousal that speared through her shamefully-offered breasts when the gleaming adornments bounced, dragged and jiggled. Desperate to avoid a repeat of the almost unbearably-intense stimulation, she wrenched her bound arms from side-to-side as much as the rod to her collar would allow and took an awkward, stumbling pace backwards, swaying dangerously when the combination of the spreader-bar between her cuffed ankles and her towering heels unbalanced her. He jumped forward ready to catch her if she fell, but while she managed to recover, he let his hands drop and he frowned.

“Hmm, not good. You’ve obviously still got too much freedom of movement, but I can soon fix that.”

She watched anxiously while he fetched a length of titanium chain and clipped it to the ring on the front of her collar.

“Come!” he ordered, giving a firm tug and she tottered awkwardly forward, over to the door where he looped the chain over a heavy hook screwed into the frame, tethering her securely.

She couldn’t turn her head to see what was happening behind, but when she felt him slide a wide titanium strap around her ribs, she whimpered softly, trying to tell him that she couldn’t possibly endure any further reduction in her already-corsetted waist, but knowing that if he so chose, she would have to! To her relief, that was not his immediate plan and although he adjusted the belt until it gripped firmly, he didn’t press the matter and she assumed that the band was merely decorative ... until he pushed her cuffed wrists tightly against the rear of the band and she heard a metallic click when her cuffs were locked in place. She realised that her arms were now totally immobilised so that only her fingers could claw uselessly in mid-air, and even then only a very little. Their tips brushed the upper curves of her naked buttocks and when her Master chuckled and his hand slapped lightly across her right bottom-cheek, she gulped in dismay, acutely aware of how inviting her tautly-rounded bottom must look and how easily he could spank or discipline her with the riding-crop she had purchased for him as a honeymoon present.

It was made of the finest English leather; being her way of demonstrating her willingness to submit to his Mastery and when she had handed it to him, she’d told him that if she disobeyed, he must whip her to remind her of her rightful place as his slave. To date, it had been used only once, but the memory of its stinging bite was still crystal-clear in her memory and when she visualised its fiery caress on her defenceless flesh, she stretched her fingers as if to protect her bottom only to hear her Master chuckle again when he correctly interpreted her action.

“Relax, slave. I’m not going to punish you.” he said cheerfully. “Not yet, anyway. You’ve been quite good up to now and as long as you obey and don’t do anything foolish, I may not need to.”

He didn’t specify what he would consider foolish and deserving of punishment, but considering how helpless she was, it was obvious to her that it wouldn’t take much to earn a disciplinary cropping. Their agreement was crystal clear and specific. She was to become a total slave, her submission to his authority absolute and unconditional, the extent of her servitude bounded only by his imagination and desire to subjugate her. There was no limit or protection, save his love for her. That love, she knew, would never allow him to injure her or inflict more pain than she could endure ... but did not mean that he would be soft or weak with her. He would not permit her any laxness and when she faced the near-inevitability of punishment, her eyes gleamed with a mixture of excited anticipation and apprehension.

She didn’t really want to be punished ... not really ... after all, she wasn’t a true masochist and the crop stung, but on the other hand, she loved being controlled and having to obey. She was going to be a proper, full-time slave, and she knew she would just have to accept whatever discipline her Master considered necessary to ensure her compliance with his commands. In any case, chained and collared as she already was and no longer able to argue, what choice did she have? The answer, of course, was none, a fact driven home immediately when his hands slid around her hips and she heard a click and felt increased weight tug at her ringed clitoris.

She didn’t know what it was, but when cool, hard links slipped between her parted labia, she realised that it was a chain and that he had locked it to the ring. Unable to close her thighs, she couldn’t prevent him from passing it between her legs and gave a soft gasp when it nestled into her damp sex and the cleft between her bottom-cheeks when he tightened it just enough to apply insistent slight pressure to her clitoris and give her no option but to be intensely and intimately aware of its constant presence. He then locked the other end to her wrist-cuffs!

This was a complete surprise and not something they’d ever discussed, but it dawned on her that her most private and personal recesses were now as much prisoners of her Master’s chains as was the rest of her body and her eyes widened at the thought that he now also controlled access to her sex. Unless he permitted it and unlocked her, making love was impossible.

Like all women, she knew the power of sex and as a young, healthy, newly-wed, had all the normal, strong urges to explore and enjoy its pleasures. It had simply never occurred to her that as her Master’s slave, she might be deprived of that freedom and as she envisaged the possibility of an enforced chastity that she certainly didn’t want, the heat of arousal in her belly redoubled and she gasped in alarm when the full impact of her plight hit home.

She loved and wanted and needed sex with her Master; her body and mind craving and relishing their shared physical intimacy, but if he kept her locked and celibate for any length of time, her own desires and passions would begin to work against her and take on a whole new and erotically-sinister aspect. As tools to deepen and strengthen his authority and dominance over her, for the more she was denied the release of sex, the more she knew she would long to be taken by him and surrender to the pent-up tensions of her own body’s frustrated lusts. By strictly limiting and controlling her pleasure and her orgasms, he would be able to force her to submit to any demands he cared to make, secure in the knowledge that no matter how hard she tried to resist and suppress her sexual needs, she would eventually have to give in and obey his commands in order to earn the chance of satisfaction.

Shocked by her conclusions and helplessly aroused by the awesome vision of what her future as his slave was to be, she stared numbly at him when he unclipped her tethering chain from the hook and turned her to face him.

“Now I’ve got you just the way I want you, my lovely captive.” he chuckled and a second mini-orgasm surged unstoppably through her belly. Her gazed calmly down at her fluttering belly and nodded. “And the way you want you, too, it seems.” he added firmly, “Which is as it should be. You will always wear the collar I have locked on your throat and it will never be removed. Together, we have made you a slave and that is what you will always be. And I, slave, am your Master.”

His eyes rose to lock on hers and when she felt the impact of his implacable determination, her belly kicked fiercely and she dropped her eyes in submission, recognising that his words were the exact, literal truth. Her marriage and her slavery were for life. She squinted down at the gleaming titanium rings transfixing her erect nipples and felt the weight and strength of the bonds which confined and offered her body for his use and pleasure, knowing that their long-desired and jointly-shared dream had become living, breathing reality, and that there would be no going back for either of them.

She could not, because that option was no longer hers to choose ,and he would not, because in agreeing to enslave her, he had set them both on a path that each yearned to follow and from which neither would willingly deviate. For long, endless moments, she and her husband stood in silence, each contemplating the future they would share, then, when her Master’s strong hand gripped the chain dangling from her collar and tugged commandingly, she, his slave, gasped and stumbled forward in helpless obedience.

Leashed by her Master, she was led through the beautiful house that had so recently been her home, towards the subterranean quarters which had been prepared for her ... and where she would henceforth remain a prisoner while undergoing the training that would inevitably result in her complete and permanent submission. Impeded by the long spreader-bar between her cuffed ankles, she was compelled to swing her legs in sweeping arcs, each step in her towering high-heels. Each halting step forward required great care in order to avoid losing her balance and her eyes narrowed with concentration while she made her labourious journey into the place she would soon never be freed from.

The slow pace imposed on her was utterly deliberate for it allowed plenty of time for her to come to terms with her situation and understand that she was leaving behind the luxurious comfort of her former life for the Spartan surroundings of the sub-basement cell. Once within it, the locks, chains, bars and bolts would ensure her captivity for however long her Master chose. Planned by them both and refined over many hours of detailed discussion, the sub-basement contained all of the essentials required for her long-term occupancy; designed to be totally secure and isolated from the house above. When she finally reached the unobtrusive door that was the only entry and was ordered to halt while the portal was unlocked and opened, she knew that once beyond it, there could be no escape.

Painted to look like simple wood, the door was actually steel with the handle and keyhole merely window-dressing to conceal its sophisticated electronic locking system. Her Master entered a code into a small, hand-held remote-control pad and the steel slab swung open on silent hinges to reveal an antechamber then a second door with a reinforced glass viewing panel to allow the basement to be checked before opening. When she was led haltingly into the chamber, a sensor automatically closed the steel door behind them then her Master drew back the twin bolts of the inner door and she took a deep breath then walked forward through it into her new life.

From the resilient tiles beneath her feet to the rubberised sound-proofing lining the walls, and from the treadmill in one corner to the electric hoist bolted to a ceiling beam, even to the heavy ring bolts and gleaming chains wherever she looked, everything was familiar to her from the planning sessions with her husband. Familiar ... and yet oddly disconcerting. Although she had known their purpose at the time, to actually see them in situ and know that they had all been waiting for this day ... for her ... sent a shiver of half-fearful anticipation rippling up her spine. It was a feeling that intensified vastly while she was shown her living-quarters and sleeping arrangements.

The fully-tiled bathroom with its automatic shower system and warm air dryer together with the combined toilet/bidet unit, made perfect sense for a captive who could not use her arms. The arrangements would enable her to bathe and relieve herself without assistance and although she didn’t much like the implications, could accept that she might have to endure being left alone for what she could only hope would be relatively short periods. It was the chair, table and bed that really brought home to her the awesome reality of her situation and the full extent of what she had willingly and eagerly agreed to.

Of massive steel construction, upholstered in rubber and bolted to the floor, the chair’s high back, wide arms and legs and “V”-shaped seat boasted numerous heavy leather straps to restrain its occupant and it was obvious to her than once seated and buckled in place, she would be totally immobilised and completely vulnerable. Likewise with the table, its centre section was fixed, but end leaves split to enable it to form a huge “X”; leather straps again providing multiple anchorage points to display and secure her in any manner her Master desired.

The bed ... it was more of a sleeping platform ... had sculpted depressions in its thick rubber mattress shaped to conform to her fettered arms and legs, while along its sides heavy chains were evenly spaced. From each corner, tall, thick posts curved upwards to meet some ten feet above the centre at a dangling hook. The base of the platform was supported on iron bars that formed a low cage.

Even with her prior knowledge, the cumulative impact was stunning and while she gazed at the stark, functional design of the three devices, she realised their enormous potential for subjugation. Her eyes widened and she gave a low moan, suddenly assailed by doubts as to whether she really would be able to handle the extreme and utter helplessness they would impose on her. Despite the short time they had been together, it was a tribute to their closeness and mutual understanding that her husband immediately picked-up on the fears she was unable to express and recognised that they had reached the critical point in their new relationship. Should he choose to ignore her reaction to the devices, he could easily enforce her submission and obedience, for she was in no position to resist and could not prevent him doing exactly as he wished.

However, their shared dream was not merely of her enslavement and subjugation, but of her willing and freely-given acceptance of his total authority and control as her Master and that required a whole-hearted commitment that she must choose to give, without reservation or pre-conditions and in the full knowledge of the consequences.

Letting the chain-leash drop and gripping her shoulders, he held her at arm’s length and gazed into her anxious eyes.

“Not exactly what you’re used to, is it, my love?” he said calmly, “These are the quarters of a full slave and are designed for the sole purpose of ensuring complete submission. I know you understand that intellectually, just as I understand why you’re frightened, but we agreed that you should be my slave and wear my collar and chains, so I shall hold you to that. Now, if this dungeon is too much, I shall give you one last chance to set a limit on your slavery. The only chance I shall ever give you, so think carefully before you make your choice. If you want to take a step back from becoming my full and permanent slave, then make three distinct and separate sounds. One, two, three. If you do that, then we will only play down here, but if you remain silent, this will become your home and you will only leave it when I choose. You should know that I may never choose to let you leave, so, the decision is yours and you have 30 seconds, starting now.”

Her eyes held his for ten interminable seconds, then flickered away to each of the three devices in turn, only returning to his face when he counted down from ten. As he reached “Three ... Two ... One,” and finally, “Zero,”, she gave a convulsive shudder and her eyes grew wide to the shocking knowledge that, by her silence, she had given up her last hope for any sort of freedom and become the unconditional, life-long slave of her Master.

“Very well!” he said flatly. “You have made your choice and are now under full discipline of a slave. Any disobedience of my orders will be punished, as will any failure to carry them out immediately and exactly. No excuses will be accepted at any time and there will be no further warnings. This is not negotiable or open to discussion. Now, do not move and remain silent.”

His tone left no room for argument even if she could have spoken and as he subjected her tightly-chained nudity to a detailed inspection, she flushed redly, embarrassed by being so helplessly exposed, but conscious of a hot glow of arousal in her belly at his air of total authority. He seemed so confident, so sure of himself, that she instinctively wanted to rebel and show him that although she might be his prisoner, she still had too much pride and spirit to simply accept his orders without question ... only ... what if he really did mean what he said about punishing her for any disobedience??

A little mild discipline might be OK and she thought that perhaps she could probably even enjoy it, but if his ideas involved something more painful and far less enjoyable, she didn’t want to take the risk of finding out the hard way. When his hands reached for her, she tried her best to obey, but the root-cinching of her breasts had vastly increased their sensitivity and at his touch, devastating jolts of electrifying arousal shot through the swollen globes, instantly crushing her fragile defences.

Stunned by the strength of the sensations, she gave a muffled squeal and attempted to jerk away from his hands, her eyes wide with alarm and her brain reeling at the intensity of her response to what had been nothing more than a casual caress, yet which had sent shockwaves of undreamed-of sexual excitement racing through her body. She didn’t want to believe that the merest brush of his fingers could create such immediate, destructive havoc and when she visualised what must and would inevitably happen when he exerted his full power over her tightly-chained and defenceless nudity, she trembled wildly and gazed pleadingly at his unsmiling face, wrenching at her bonds, mewling pitifully.

Her efforts were of course, in vain, for there was no escape from her titanium fetters and as her Master’s lips curved into a thin smile, she gulped and ceased her futile struggles, understanding that she was totally at his mercy ... and his full slave.

“You were ordered to keep still and silent, slave.” he said coolly. “And you were warned of the consequences of disobedience. But it appears you do not yet fully understand what is required of you. The penalty is six lashes for each offence.”

She stared numbly at him, her mind frozen with shock, but when he seized the leash and forced her to the table, then bent her over it and secured the chain to leave her with her inflated breasts pressed tightly to its surface and her buttocks raised, she knew that he was completely serious and was going to punish her!

Unable to lift or turn her head, she tried to explain that she hadn’t meant to disobey, but the horridly efficient gag reduced her efforts to an incomprehensible whining. He ignored her silenced pleas and walked away, leaving her to wait and hope that he wouldn’t be too hard on her then standing behind, he raised the crop and took careful aim.

“You are my slave,” he told her, “and you must, and will, obey.”

The crop hissed down and while he applied two fairly hard strokes to each of her taut buttocks, she squealed to the stinging fire that painted lines of angry red heat into her defenceless flesh.

“You are my slave.” he repeated firmly. “And you will be punished for any disobedience!”

His words were immediately followed by four more lashes that set her writhing and dancing from foot to foot in a frantic, howling bid to alleviate the painful smarting of her bottom and evade the remaining strokes she now knew were coming, but there was no escape!

“You are my slave,” he said complacently, “and you will be cropped as often as it takes to teach you to obey perfectly.”

She screamed in anguished despair when he applied the final four lashes of her very first disciplining at the hands of her Master, appalled and frightened by what he had done to her and what it signified for her future. Her eyes opened wide in outrage when his fingers slipped between her gaping thighs and casually fondled the moist folds of her chain-bisected labia, but a massive arousal speared from her sex and up into her belly then her breasts. Her anger was replaced by alarm when her body responded instantly to his authoritative touch. Even with her bottom throbbing relentlessly to the cruel punishment he had administered, she still couldn’t resist the waves of excitement and pleasure that swept through her. He toyed with her, using his intimate knowledge of her submissive nature and desire to be dominated, to build her passion higher and higher until his fingers and the chain imprisoning her sex were drenched with the juices of her overwhelming need.

Teetering on the brink of a massive climax, she whimpered in dreadful frustration when he took his hands from her, then released her from the table and helped to stand up. She gazed pleadingly at him, desperate for the release that she could not give herself, but she was now a slave with no control over her destiny or even her own sexual pleasure! Her Master tugged firmly on her collar’s leash when she was led back out into the training area.

“Down, slave!” he commanded. “Obey or be disciplined again.”

To avoid a second cropping, she had no choice but to comply. He made no move to assist her and so she was forced to overcome the considerable handicaps of her immobilised arms and straddled ankles by bending her left leg until her knee met the cushioned tiles, then awkwardly repeat the process with her right so that she knelt in a pose of absolute subjugation, staring up at him towering over her. She understood that their relative positions corresponded exactly to the roles that they each now filled in their new relationship. No longer only her loving partner and husband, he was now her undeniable Master and the controller of her fate. His slightest wish had become her unarguable command and would be enforced by any means he decided to impose, regardless of her wishes, preferences, or even her needs. She was collared, chained and powerless to resist; his full slave, required to obey without question and serve however he ordered on pain of punishment.

“Very good, slave!” he spoke calmly. “Your obedience has saved your bottom from my crop for the time being, although not for long, I suspect. However, it’s a start and we shall now begin the first stage of your training with oral service.”

The information, given in a calm, matter-of-fact tone, sent a ripple of apprehension up her spine, for although she had no objection to oral sex and rather liked pleasuring him in that way, she realised at once, that in her slave-chains and with the special gag wedging her mouth open and trapping her tongue, she would be unable to use her skills to satisfy him.

Her mouth would simply be a convenient receptacle for his shaft and with no way for her to adjust to his thrusts or limit their depth, she would have no choice but to endure his plundering of it and swallow his spend when he came. His pleasure would be her only function, with no account taken of her desires ... unless it suited him. When the full extent of the slavery to which she had willingly submitted herself became clear she shuddered with the waves of arousal that surged through her belly to the knowledge of how totally she was in his power.

She could not free herself, could not speak, and was prohibited from orgasm unless he permitted it. Her eyes filled with helpless anxiety and she gasped with the devastating arousal raging through her body. He chuckled and casually released his erect maleness.

“Pleasure your Master, slave.” he ordered firmly. “Do it well and you may be permitted a slave’s climax. Fail to satisfy me fully and you will be disciplined until you achieve the standard required.”

With her torso and neck held rigidly erect by her corset and posture-collar, her open mouth was at the perfect height and as he moved carefully forward, his thick, hard shaft slid between her gaping jaws, the gagging-device giving her no way to avoid its penetration or prevent it from sinking to the back of her throat. She almost retched, but with a huge effort of will, was able to control the reflex. He congratulated her while her nostrils flared to draw in the air that could no longer pass down her blocked throat. Then, he began to take her with long, smooth strokes, clearly relishing the warmth and smoothness of her plastic- and neoprene-lined mouth and as she learned to time her breathing to his thrusts, he chuckled in pleasure at her obedience and submission.

“Good slave! You’re doing well, but when I come, I don’t want to see my spend leaking out of your mouth. Swallow it all. Every last drop, or I will be very displeased.”

She already knew what form his displeasure would take and when he began to thrust more urgently, she steeled herself for his inevitable release, determined to give him no cause to discipline her a second time. She tried hard, but had severely under-estimated the difference between providing oral sex as a free woman and doing the same while tightly bound and incapable of movement. When his hot seed jetted into her throat, she could not move back to accommodate the sudden flood of his juices and some found its way up her nasal passage, causing her to choke and splutter and dribble quite a lot past his twitching shaft and out of her mouth. It was not really her fault, but as she quickly learned, no allowances would be made for her difficulties and there were to be no acceptable excuses for her failing to obey his orders to the letter. Pulling himself from her mouth, he reached down and transferred the chain-leash from her collar to her nose-ring, then gave a firm tug.

“Up, slave.” he snapped harshly while a sharp twinge of pain shot through her pierced septum.

She yelped and struggled awkwardly to her feet, while he kept tension on the nose leash. Tears of pain sprang from her staring eyes while he jerked the leash a second time.

“Follow and do not make a sound.”

Her eyes widened in alarm at his brusque tone and she wanted to protest that he need not be so harsh with her and explain that she had not intended to disobey, but her bondage and gag were much too effective to permit her such luxuries, and in any case she had been ordered to remain silent. The leash pulled commandingly at her nose-ring and she was forced to totter forward on her immense heels, belly swirling with a mixture of fierce arousal and fright at her total inability to resist his absolute command of her body.

They returned to her slave-quarters and she gazed nervously down at the so-called bed, then lifted her eyes to stare pleadingly at him, her mind whirling at the thought of being chained into spread-eagled immobility with every curve and hollow of her body exposed to his eyes and his touch. She longed for him to take and use her fully, but when she pictured herself chained down on the rubber mattress and imagined the awesome devastation that his hands and lips would inflict on her, she shuddered in alarm and gave a low moan, remembering the savage power of her responses to his brief caresses of her breasts and labia. Once properly restrained on the bed, those sensations would be as nothing compared to what she knew he would force her to endure and as her belly kicked wildly, a trickle of juices oozed from her sex and over the chain between her thighs.

It barred entry to her body and enforced unwanted chastity upon her, but was no obstacle to the fingers and tongue of a Master who wanted to impose extreme sexual arousal on his slave, while denying her the ability to enjoy the release of full sex.

She only hoped that he would not be too cruel, for when he ordered her to lie down on her back, she could only obey and wriggle her body into the shaped depressions in the soft rubber mattress, her fettered arms beneath her and her torso fitting neatly into the cut-out. To her dismay and embarrassment, her legs required the spreader-bar between her ankles to be made even longer in order to match the cut-outs designed for them. By the time her legs slipped into place, her thighs were parted so widely that she was intensely aware of the warm air currents playing across the damp petals of her gaping sex and when he began to attach the chains that would secure her, she trembled in ferocious need. She would soon be even more utterly at his mercy and incapable of even the most minimal resistance!

After fastening chains from either corner of the base of the bed to the ends of her ankle spreader bar, one by one, taking his time, he moved slowly up along her body, clipping chains to her ankle-cuffs, to rings at the waist of her titanium corset, to her elbow-cuffs, then to rings at each side of her tall collar and another at the rear, then tensioned each in turn until there was no slack whatever. She could not move her body at all, only her strictly limited gaze following him as he checked and locked the chains. Her eyes widened in dread when he removed her leash, picked up much thinner chains and calmly attached them to her nose-ring, tensioning these to remove any possibility of her moving or lifting her head.

Ignoring her muffled groan of anguish, he then fitted others to her nipple-rings, adding a short, linking chain between her breasts and as these, too, were tightened! She dared not even tremble lest they pull at her tender buds. Finishing with a final pair to her clitoris-ring, he stood back and looked down at her, his lips curling into a smile of satisfaction while he inspected her absolute helplessness and vulnerability, drinking in the erotic contrast between her soft flesh and the cold gleam of metal restraining her.

“You were promised a climax if you satisfied me fully, weren’t you, slave?” he asked her cheerfully. “What a shame you didn’t quite manage to swallow all of my spend. So, it’s no climax for you today and you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for your next chance.” He shook his head firmly when she whined in protest. “You chose to be my slave,” he reminded her, “and a slave’s duty ... your duty ... is to obey perfectly. You did not and this is the punishment I consider appropriate.”

He paused while she attempted to protest a second time, then added reflectively.

“Of course, I could always add a cropping to your punishment, if you feel that would encourage you to serve me better ...”

She froze, eyes wide with horror and he chuckled.

“Apparently you don’t think that’s necessary. Well, perhaps you’re right and you’ve learned your lesson. So I’ll be generous this time. No cropping, just a little mild arousal to get you in the mood for your first night in bondage as my permanent slave. In the morning we’ll see just how obedient and eager to please me you can be.”

There wasn’t a single thing she could do to stop him as he seated himself on the bed alongside her and when his hands and lips descended on her offered body, toying with her captive breasts, stroking her chain-bisected labia and tweaking the light chains to her ringed nipples and clitoris, she was unable to stop the storm of overwhelming arousal that burst over her and turned her belly to a sea of churning, liquid heat. In less than a minute, her passionate desire to obtain an orgasm was at such a peak of unbearable fervour that she would have done anything to be granted the gigantic release that seethed and boiled in her shuddering belly. However, she was but a slave undergoing the discipline decided on by her Master and he ignored her shrill, gasping pleading, choosing not to permit her the sexual ecstasy that every fibre of her being craved. He continued to hold her teetering on the razor’s edge of climax.

Every caress of his fingers was sweet torture, every kiss from his lips a delicious torment, every tweak of her chains a cruelly-pleasurable anguish! The momentary flashes of pain only intensified her need while she was forcibly reminded of just how absolute was his control and how completely her life had changed at the instant her silence had become a natural thing. With the loss of her ability to speak, her freedom had been completely removed and she had been made his life-long slave. Frantic for and a climax, she whimpered and wept in frustration and disbelief when he stood up and grinned down at her.

“That’s enough for now, slave. I’ll be back in the morning. Sleep well.”

It wasn’t enough!! Not nearly enough to give her what she desperately wanted ... and she knew that he knew it, his grin telling her that he was thoroughly enjoying his newly-acquired power to dominate her. When he moved out of her limited range of vision, she sucked in a deep breath and strained with everything she had, her muscles cording in a bid to find some weakness or flaw in her bondage that would give her some slight hope of escape ... or at least the possibility of alleviating the tumultuous havoc that filled her belly. There were no weaknesses; the chains holding her with ease and after 30 seconds of concentrated effort, her pent-up breath burst from her nose in a low groan when she was forced to admit defeat. From behind her head, near the door, her Master spoke calmly.

“And now we both know that you cannot escape, I suggest you concentrate on becoming as obedient and pleasing a slave as you can. Anything else would be unwise and rather ... ah ... uncomfortable for you.”

The implications of his words were perfectly clear, but despite the still-tingling warmth of her cropped bottom and their agreement that her slavery would be as real as he could make it, she still didn’t truly believe that he could be ruthless enough to actually force her to obey, whether she wished to or not. She was sure that after arousing her for so long and seeing how hot and needy she was, he wouldn’t be able to just walk away and leave her, would he???

Until she heard the inner door close and the rattle of its two bolts sliding home to imprison her, she could not comprehend her situation and then the shock was so great that for several seconds her brain was incapable of taking in what had happened. Her mind cleared and she understood that she was alone, and it was then that her muffled squeals of outrage and futile denial rang though the sound-proofed basement cell. She fought madly to break free of her cuffs and chains, but it was to no avail. Her furious struggles resulted only in her own pain when her efforts caused her breasts to jiggle just enough for the chains to her nipple-rings to pull at one and then the other.

Slowly, over many minutes, her protests turned to low sobs and whimpers of distress, fear and misery while she was forced to confront the reality of her plight. While she reluctantly began to accept that she would remain spread-eagled and hopelessly vulnerable until her Master chose to release her, the temporarily-dormant embers of her sexual fires flared into renewed life! She tried to resist and ignore the demands of her awakened desire, but her submissive nature and passion for bondage ... the very things that had led her to join with her husband to bring their greatest fantasy to life ... worked against her. The inexorable tide of sexual arousal shook her body and reeling mind, from the awesome and frightening thoughts of spending the rest of her life in the chains and collar of a true slave and she shuddered and writhed maniacally against her restraints, now frantic to gain the boon of a climax. It was impossible! Again she descended into tears of frustration and terror.

Their agreed plan made no provision for a time-limit, or “safe-word” or any other means for her to bring her captivity to an end. She recalled her own casual, light-hearted and almost thoughtless acceptance of his insistence that she voluntarily relinquish all power and decision-making authority to him and gulped nervously against the constant, mild, but inescapable compression of her high collar. The realization that in her eagerness to fulfil their shared dream, she had failed to take into account the full consequences of her actions and had totally under-estimated the lengths to which he would go to make her a permanent and genuine slave!

Distracted by her alarming conclusions and the ever-growing turmoil in her belly, she was slow to notice that the lights had dimmed to the point where she could barely make out the heavy posts of the suspension hoist that curved above her. In the gloom, four tiny pinpoints of light glowed like rubies, marking the positions of the sophisticated cameras that kept every inch of the sub-basement under constant surveillance. When she imagined her Master watching her on one of his many computer monitors, she shivered in dreadful humiliation, then it occurred to her that they were not only capable of providing pin-sharp images in total darkness, but could also zoom-in to magnify every detail and record it to be played back whenever he wanted.

The possibility of her bondage and helpless exposure being captured on tape was shamefully exciting and as her belly kicked powerfully and she felt a trickle of juices ooze from her sex, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was observing her at that very moment and enjoying her mini-orgasm ... not that she could do anything about it if he was.

She was bound exactly as they both wished her to be ... chained as his slave, displayed and offered for his pleasure ... incapable of the slightest resistance, no matter what he chose to do. Her belly kicked again and she whimpered into her gag, understanding that she would never be released from her freely-given commitment to serve him as a full slave. This night was only the first of many hundreds, or more likely thousands, that she would spend chained, isolated and in need, at the behest of her Master ... waiting for him to return and use her for his pleasure ... and hers.

They shared a long-held dream of a life free from outside interference and the constraints of everyday society ... a life ordered not by the values and laws of others, but only by the rules which they had chosen to set for themselves ... a life in which she would be the slave and he her Master.

The life that was now theirs.

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