Part 1

When Brandy Morris’s employer first raised the subject of putting her into bondage, the younger woman at first assumed that she was just being teased. Laughing it off as the joke she thought it was, Brandy smiled at Ms Carson and replied that she wasn’t into that sort of thing and chuckled that she was fairly sure that her job description hadn’t included anything about being tied up.

Ms Carson took the humorous response in good part, agreeing that Brandy’s employment contract as a junior secretary hadn’t said anything about bondage, then astonished the young blonde by adding that she required a Personal Assistant to work directly to her and thought that Brandy might, perhaps, be the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy. If, that was, Brandy was prepared to take on the role 24 hours a day and accept the restrictions to her free time and social life that would entail.

As compensation, Mrs Carson added, as soon as Brandy signed the new contract her salary would be trebled and she would be given her own living-quarters on the top floor of the company building attached to Ms Carson’s own luxurious penthouse.

It was a very tempting offer, made even more so by the fact that Ms Carson was a very good-looking woman with an exceptional figure; two facts that had not escaped Brandy’s notice, who, though not a lesbian, had some experience and was by no means averse to the idea of a little woman-to-woman pleasure.

Definitely interested, but not yet committed, Brandy had not forgotten the beginning of the conversation and did her best to match Ms Carson’s cool sophistication, pretending elaborate unconcern when she asked whether the bondage that had been mentioned was a required part of the deal for her to be offered the job.

Ms Carson smiled warmly and complimented Brandy on her quick grasp of the situation; confirming that the two things did in fact go hand-in-hand, then she cheerfully added that it was her personal, non-negotiable condition that Brandy agree to the bondage. The obvious question had to be asked and when it was, Ms Carson’s smile grew wider and she stared deep into Brandy’s eyes until the blonde flushed and looked down, unable to hold her challenging gaze when Ms Carson stated flatly that she was strongly dominant by nature and had always made it her rule to bind her lovers to ensure their complete obedience and submission ... and if Brandy accepted the offer, she would be no exception.

The blunt statements and uncompromising tone used left Brandy in no doubt that her employer was totally serious and when she tried to imagine how it would feel to be tied up and unable to resist while Ms Carson’s lips, hands and tongue explored and plundered her helpless, naked body, a powerful wave of sexual heat rippled through her belly and she gasped in a mixture of arousal and fright.

She had never been tied up; never been at the mercy of another person, never surrendered control over her own body and the thought of it scared her almost as much as it excited her.
Almost ... but not quite ...

Distracted by the pleasurable warmth swirling in her belly and the undeniably alluring prospect of becoming the lover of her glamorous boss, Brandy made the mistake of assuming that the bondage she would have to accept would be light and just for fun. When Ms Carson tilted her head enquiringly, Brandy smiled and murmured shyly that she would very much like to accept the job offer, and the condition that went with it.

Her decision brought a wide smile to Ms Carson’s red lips and she congratulated Brandy. She said the promotion was an excellent choice and looked forward to the opportunities it would give them both to get to know each other much better and far more closely. Brandy began to relax and anticipate the future of wealth and luxury and delightfully erotic possibilities that seemed to lie before her, but for the moment was blissfully unaware that Ms Carson would become far more than just her lover. She would be given no option but to submit utterly and unconditionally to every demand made of her: the servitude absolute and her perfect obedience ruthlessly enforced.

Within an hour of accompanying Ms Carson to her penthouse, they were in bed together and it was there that the young blonde discovered that her employer was an exceptionally skilled lover; her fingers and lips and tongue driving Brandy to unimagined heights of frenzied need that quickly had her begging and pleading shamelessly to be allowed to climax.

Her orgasm, when Ms Carson finally relented, was simply stunning and when her belly kicked again and again and trails of silvery juices oozed from her quivering sex, Brandy submitted willingly and totally to the exquisite ecstasy imposed by her smiling lover. And in the afterglow almost immediately faded out into a deep satisfied sleep. When she finally came awake an hour later it was then, for the first time, she felt the firm grasp of leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists, quickly discovering that she was spread-eagled with her limbs fastened securely to the four corners of the bed.

Helplessly offered, she gazed up at the older woman with trepidation and shook her head in simple disbelief when Ms Carson told her that the pleasure she had already experienced was as nothing compared to what was coming, but when the arousal began again, Brandy learned that she had been told the simple truth.

Exposed, defenceless and unable to evade the devastating stimulation imposed on her, blazing sexual heat raged through every atom of Brandy’s bound body until she writhed and screamed and begged and jerked, her back hollowing, thrusting her swollen breasts and rigid, rock-hard nipples up to Ms Carson’s lips, in her desperation to impale herself on the probing fingers of her tormentress. She desperately needed to trigger the shattering climaxes that only her dominant lover could give her. However, the climaxes were withheld until Brandy’s last reserves of self-control and willpower were swept away by the inferno of her enforced passion and in response to Ms Carson’s stern demands, the anguished blonde gabbled her promise to do whatever her lover wanted; to obey her orders without question and submit to the discipline of her Mistress.

She would do anything to achieve orgasm ... to relieve the incredible havoc raging through her pounding belly, but for ten endless seconds, Ms Carson gazed down into the wide, staring eyes of her helpless captive, then stated firmly that she would now permit Brandy to climax. She drove the fingers of one hand deep into Brandy’s dripping sex, capturing an engorged nipple with the other then squeezing hard to add sharp twinges of pain and send the squealing blonde hurtling into an immense orgasm ... the first of three that left her so physically and emotionally drained that she was in no state to retract, or even reconsider or question the promises that had been extracted from her under the duress of her very first experience of bondage sex.

Part 2

After three days and nights of sexual ecstasy and surrender to her new and exciting lover, Brandy was willing and even eager to try on the thick rubber suit that Ms Carson had bought for her and was so entranced by the spectacle of her gleaming appearance and the delicious sensations of the tight rubber squeezing every inch of her body in a snug embrace, that she didn’t even protest about the attached shoes with their towering six-inch heels, nor the tall, rigid collar that virtually immobilised her head and forced her to keep her chin held high. At first, she was a little embarrassed by the way her already-generous breasts were transformed into a pair of spherical globes jutting straight out from her chest thanks to the design of the suit. She realised that when she was bound and helplessly spread-eagled on her lover’s bed, strategically-placed zips at her nipples and between her legs would give Ms Carson easy access to the pleasure-centres of her body whether she willed it or not but Brandy’s concerns were overwhelmed and consumed by the fierce, hot flame of lust.

Being in bondage and at the mercy of Ms Carson had opened up a whole new world of delights to Brandy and left her wanting far more of the delicious torments and explosive climaxes she had enjoyed so far. So much so, that she accepted her lover’s insistence on having her requests obeyed as if they were orders and she even overcome her reluctance to call Ms Carson “Mistress”. It seemed a small and unimportant price to pay for her pleasure and it wasn’t as if she was being ordered to do things she didn’t like, or want to do herself.

When the older woman eventually took her to a room Brandy hadn’t seen before, then showed her a barber’s chair festooned with leather straps obviously designed to hold an occupant securely and instructed her to take a seat, Brandy complied with a smile, anticipating another session of intense sexual play. One by one, leather straps encircled her arms, legs and torso, each being tightened to draw her body deep into the chair and removing her freedom until she was thoroughly immobilised with only her fingers and head unrestrained. Too late, Brandy realised that her legs had been strapped together and when she opened her mouth to tell her lover that she had made a mistake, her head was yanked backwards and she heard a loud click when a short chain snapped onto the ring on the rear of her collar, forcing her neck to remain completely immobilized.

Gazing helplessly upward, she saw Ms Carson’s hands move into view holding some sort of curved steel harness with a thick black bar attached to it, then it dropped below her line of sight towards the front of her collar and, suddenly nervous, she began to ask what was happening. Her only answer was another series of clicks and a brief pressure at her collar. She tried again, her voice rising in alarm when, squinting down past her nose, Brandy heard yet more clicks then saw Ms Carson lift the thick bar towards her mouth! Her brief and entirely ineffectual protest ended in an anguished whimper when the bar was forced between her teeth: each click wedging it deeper in her mouth until her lips stretched in a parody of a grin and she could only whine in helpless discomfort.

Deprived of speech and growing increasingly anxious about her lover’s plans, Brandy screamed behind her bar-gag and fought madly against the tight leather straps when Ms Carson opened a nearby drawer, selected a gleaming steel surgical punch and announced that she had decided to pierce Brandy’s septum and fit her with a nose-ring! She explained that it would be fitted for three reasons she added calmly; the first, to identify and emphasise Brandy’s status as her property and slave; the second, to act as an anchorage point for a leash when she chose to exercise Brandy; and the third, because it amused her to have her slave ringed. Now, as Brandy’s Mistress, she could and would do exactly as she pleased.

The shocking impact of the revelations and the matter-of-fact manner in which they were stated sent an icy chill rippling up Brandy’s spine, because it was perfectly clear to her that Ms Carson meant every horrifying word. Unless she could somehow escape or persuade Ms Carson to change her mind, she was going to be pierced, ringed and leashed as the older woman’s pet slave!

It was simply unthinkable ... impossible! Totally unacceptable! However, when the device was slowly and carefully inserted into her nostrils and left for a few seconds while Ms Carson made sure of its positioning. Suddenly Brandy screamed helplessly when a sharp, burning stab of pain flooded through her nose, bringing tears flooding from her eyes when the punch fired and punched a large hole straight through the living tissue of her septum! Brandy learned that she was wrong and that her Mistress had spoken the exact, literal truth.

Ms Carson withdrew the tool, then inserted another with a different set of jaws. This device was the grommet setting tool and in seconds the sleeves of the steel liner had slipped though her fresh septum piercing, then been clamped permanently together! When the sleeve passed through the piercing it burned fiercely, then when it was clamped closed, Brandy became aware of the wide flanges surrounding the grommet far up inside her nostrils. Ms Carson brought out the one inch in diameter, polished stainless steel, circlet and fitted it snugly through the steel grommet while Brandy’s body shuddered, then shuddered again. There was no let up though and Ms Carson, using yet another set of pliers, positioned the jaws around the rings circumference then she pressed the handles hard. This resulted in two loud, distinct clicks and told her that the ring was now resident in her nose and the smoothly machined joint had been permanently closed! Brandy moaned softly, understanding that there was no possible way it could be hidden or disguised.

Ms Carson stood back and looked down into Brandy’s frantic eyes and informed her that there was no way to remove the ring now that its internal catches were closed. Brandy was so stunned and demoralised by what had been done, that she could only stare up at her Mistress in horror. The ring was too large and thick to be jewellery and so there was no mistaking it for anything other than the restraint device it was. Brandy visualised herself being led along at the end of a leash held in Ms Carson’s hand and gasped at the burst of fierce arousal that suddenly surged through her belly at the image conjured up by her imagination.

Terribly humiliated by her reaction to the shameful picture, she tried to quell her traitorous body and tell herself that she was not a slave and never would be, but she had not counted on Ms Carson having yet more unwanted surprises for her.

With no way to resist or protest, Brandy’s small fists clenched and her muscles tensed vainly against the multiplicity of strong leather straps that held her pinned to the modified barber’s chair in which her rubber-encased body sat. Tears of misery and despair trickled down her cheeks while her long, beautiful blonde hair was shorn from her head to fall to the floor. She didn’t want to be bald, but was powerless to stop Ms Carson cutting off every lock, then shaving her skull with an electric razor to remove every last trace of what had once been Brandy’s crowning glory.

Devastated by what had been done, Brandy shuddered in horror when she felt a cool gel being massaged into her scalp while her Mistress explained that it was a depilatory that would ensure she remained bald for at least six months ... and that the treatment would be repeated at regular intervals to ensure she remained that way! She had never thought about how long her new role as Ms Carson’s Personal Assistant and sexual plaything might last, but when she understood that the older woman was obviously thinking in terms of multiples of six months, her eyes widened and she gulped in terrified apprehension. This apprehension changed to outright alarm when the strap compressing her full breasts was removed and the zips opened to expose her stiffly-erect nipples! Even knowing it was hopeless, she strained madly at her bonds; eyes fixed on Ms Carson’s beautiful face in a mute plea to be spared what she feared was coming.

Of course her struggles were to no avail and when the punch had done its work again, the painful smarting of Brandy’s flesh and the unaccustomed, constant sensation of weight dragging at each of her newly-pierced nipples, told the horrified blonde that, although she was unable to lower her head to see them, her body was now adorned with two more of the sturdy stainless steel rings ... rings that she was soon to learn were not merely decorative. When Ms Carson hooked her fingers through them and gave a gentle tug, cruel pain shot through Brandy’s breasts and she whimpered in dread, realising just how easily she could now be controlled by the slightest tweak of her Mistress’s fingers. With her nipples at Ms Carson’s mercy, she would be forced to obey and do exactly what she was told: her instant submission guaranteed by the threat of terrible punishment if she even attempted to refuse.

All too soon, her fears were realised when Ms Carson quickly padlocked a three-part chain leash to her nipple and nose rings and with the other end gripped in the older woman’s fist, Brandy dared not even think of trying to escape when the straps binding her in the chair were released.

As soon as the bar-gag was pulled from her mouth, Brandy begged to be freed of her humiliating multiple leash, pleading with her Mistress and promising to do anything she wanted if only they could return to the way things had been only a few hours before. In response, her Mistress applied firm downward pressure to the leash, forcing Brandy to her knees and, placing one booted foot on the chain to hold her in place, she ordered her to cross her wrists behind her back. Kneeling in helpless humiliation, Brandy hesitated, knowing there was only one reason for the order, but when Ms Carson bent and gave a warning tug on the leash, the terrifying jolt of pain through her nipples and nose compelled instant obedience. With a stifled sob, she moved her hands to her spine and shuddered when cold metal cuffs encircled her wrists and were snapped tightly closed.

It was the first time she had ever felt steel against her flesh and understood straight away that there was absolutely no chance of freeing herself without the keys and even that would be very difficult, being unable to see her wrists. With leather restraints there was always a possibility of cutting them off, but once steel cuffs were locked, Brandy knew she would be a prisoner until her Mistress decided to let her go ... however long that might be. The feel and sound of a second pair of cuffs closing around her ankles intensified her sense of helplessness and when she was ordered to get up, Brandy was shocked to discover that not only were her ankles linked by a short, strong chain, but that the joining link of her wrist cuffs were also connected to its central link. When she stood fully erect, the connecting chain pulled her arms down until they were almost fully extended, resting over her buttocks. She was instantly reminded of her new status when Ms Carson snapped the leashes to her nose and nipples, squealing in pain while she was forced to totter across the room in her enormous heels; her chains clinking and jingling with her every tiny, severely restricted step.

Unable to look down because of the wide collar, she had no idea she was being positioned over a thick steel plate bolted to the floor, or that her hobble chain had a short tail ending in a ring. A moment later it had been joined to the ring on the plate with a sturdy padlock and she found herself fastened to the solid anchorage and unable to move more than an inch or two in any direction. Thus chained and tethered by unbreakable, inescapable steel, Brandy couldn’t fight or run when she saw the rubber hood Ms Carson held up before her wide, anxious eyes.

Her mouth opened to protest, for acceptance was the last thing she wanted to do, but then closed when she recognised that there was nothing she could say that would persuade her Mistress to not fit her with the menacing rubber horror. Just as with her piercings, the rings in her flesh, the loss of her beautiful hair and the steel locked on her limbs and around her throat, she wasn’t going to be given a choice and would simply have to accept the hood regardless of her own wishes. She knew it, but when the chain to her nose-ring was removed and the heavy, tight hood worked down over her head, thick pads at her eyes and ears deprived her of sight and hearing. A rubber-coated, steel ring-gag was soon in place wedging her jaws wide apart, then a thick-skinned floppy rubber bladder was inserted through the ring-gag,. In an instant it had been inflated to fill her whole mouth, pinning her tongue flat and stopping any possibility of recognisable speech. Now blind, deaf and mute, Brandy trembled wildly. Every freedom had been taken from her, leaving her helpless, even more frighteningly vulnerable, and totally at the mercy of her Mistress.

The addition of a heavy steel collar locked over the hood and the posture-collar she already wore and connected by yet more chain to her wrist-cuffs was the final part of Brandy’s bondage, but not, as she was about to discover, the end of her Mistress’s determination to enforce her absolute subjugation. When the zip at her belly was opened and cool, strong fingers explored and plundered her sex, Brandy squirmed and twisted madly in her bonds, squealing behind her hood when a shattering arousal, hugely intensified by the loss of her other senses, stormed through her body and sent her racing out of control towards an orgasm, that had been building deep inside her.

In her whirling brain, passionate desire and physical lust fought with fear of the unknown and intense shame at her helpless submission when Brandy arched her hips in efforts to impale herself on the fingers of her Mistress, her need so overwhelming that not even the stringency of her bondage and the shocking prospect of long-term slavery could cool the inferno ignited in her belly. Almost at her climax, she wailed in anguished denial when the fingers were taken away, then screamed a futile protest when a second rubber bladder was inserted into her oozing sex and inflated until she was uncomfortably filled and stretched.

Even then, she needed only a little more stimulation, a few more touches of her Mistress’s fingers to trigger her release, but she didn’t get them and was left perched on her high heels, tethered, heavily-chained, hooded and deeply penetrated, but unable to reach her longed-for climax.

It was a merciless demonstration of her Mistress’s power and when Brandy was forced to confront the awesome reality of her new life as Ms Carson’s bondage-slave, she could do nothing but endure the torment of her frustrated need, the relentless aching of her toes, calves and jaws, and wonder what else the older woman had in mind for her. Would she ever be free again?

Part 3

After a month as a slave, Brandy had almost become used to her rubber suit and her chains. She had had to because there had never been a moment when she had not been securely restrained by at least one pair of cuffs and even then, invariably tethered by her nose- or nipple-rings. Any one of these was more than enough to keep her anchored wherever her Mistress desired. There had never been the slightest opportunity for Brandy to escape and she had quickly discovered the futility of asking for release. Her Mistress simply reminded her that she had known the conditions before she accepted the job offer and it was far too late to change her mind now. On the first occasion of her asking, she had refused to accept her Mistress’s response, first demanding that she be released and when that did not work, threatening Ms Carson with prosecution for kidnap and false imprisonment. It was a foolish thing to say and Brandy regretted it the moment the words left her lips. She continued to regret it even more for the next many hours while she stood in the corner of the room, stretched rigidly upright on her high spike heels by the competing tensions of the tight chain anchoring her to the floor plate and the chain leash from her nose-ring to a ceiling hook. She’d been gagged and hooded again and so was unable to see or hear while every part of her body ached unmercifully from her enforced immobility.

Long before she was released, the lesson had been well and truly learned. When her Mistress removed her helmet and gag and asked if she was still in the mood to make demands and threats she couldn’t back up, Brandy dropped her eyes in submission and murmured humbly that she was very, very sorry and begged to be forgiven. It made no difference to Ms Carson’s determination to continue deepening Brandy’s enslavement and subjugation and it was not long before the next stage of her enforced transformation took place.

Brandy was ordered to strip, but was freed of her cuffs only one limb at a time, and was always leashed by her nose chain, so there was no chance of her making any effective resistance, even if she had dared to try. She gradually removed the oppressive rubber suit and then stood naked before her Mistress.  The new cuffs were massive: wider and thicker than the ones she had worn previously and the chains linking them much heavier. Then came the posture-collar with its attached bar-gag, and next, taller, boots with heels even higher. The rigid steel bar locked between her ankle cuffs was far more restrictive than she could have imagined. Chained to a floor anchor, Brandy gulped at the sight of the corset she was soon to wear, certain that Ms Carson had made a mistake, for the leather and steel torture garment was obviously far too small; clearly designed to fit a woman considerably less curvaceous than Brandy. Not that she was large, but the corset’s waist was tiny, no more than 20 inches around, a good six inches less than Brandy’s own measurement.

Sure that the corset was wrong, she wasn’t particularly worried when it was fitted around her waist, assuming that it would be removed when her Mistress realised her sizing error. However, there was no error and when the corset began to tighten she was still unconcerned, but only for a short while. Unknown to her and behind her back where she couldn’t see it, the corset had no laces. Its closure was to be achieved by means of a special ratchet tool, purpose-built to draw the edges of the corset together and lock them.

This meant that once closed and locked, there could be no adjustment and it would remain at twenty inches permanently, as would the wearer’s waist, whether she liked it or not. By the time the corset was fully-closed, Brandy most certainly didn’t like it! Her eyes filled with anguished tears and her breasts heaved rapidly while she panted for the short, shallow breaths that were all the incredible compression permitted. She had no breath to spare for begging or complaining, but even if she had, the expression of satisfaction on her Mistress’s face when she’d inspected Brandy’s minuscule waist left no room for hope that the corset might be eased even a little, far less released.

  Anchored to the floor ring and with her wrists cuffed behind her back, Brandy gulped when she felt additional cuffs clamped around each of her biceps, then winced and groaned when her elbows were forced together and secured. It was an uncomfortable, stressful addition to Brandy’s ever-stricter bondage. Now, her shoulders were pulled harshly back and her breasts thrust forward and upwards by the tension. Then, cool fingers slid around her body and captured the chains to her ringed nipples after feathery light touches. Brandy responded powerfully and helplessly to her Mistress’s touch, the twin buds stiffening and her belly swirling with heat when the rings were gently tugged upon by their chains. The humiliation of being a female leashed by her breasts and nipples was horribly effective and added even more to her swirling, orgasmic thoughts.

The fingers descended to her shaven belly and her spine arched to offer her sex while muffled whimpers of frustration and overwhelming need leaked from behind her gag when her clitoris was stroked and fondled until the fleshy button became swollen and almost unbearably sensitive. Prevented from looking down by her tall, rigid posture-collar, Brandy gave a shrill squeal of fearful alarm when she felt her clitoris gripped by what she instantly recognised as the jaws of the piercing punch, then wailed in anguished despair at the fierce, stinging pain that shot through her most-intimate tissues as a fourth steel ring was permanently mounted in her body.

 Its presence was yet a further confirmation that her Mistress had no intention of ever releasing her. When the fingers returned to her body caressing and toying with her, playing with the rings transfixing her nipples and clitoris and finally spearing deep into her sex, the combination of pleasure, pain and the knowledge of her own absolute subjugation, sent Brandy hurtling into an explosive climax she was powerless to hold back or conceal. Chained and displayed before her Mistress, she was forced to submit and while her breasts quivered to the fury of her passion and her belly pulsed and juddered in massive convulsions, sprays of hot, silvery juices burst from her sex. She screamed in horrified ecstasy, knowing that the sheer depth and intensity of her orgasmic submission betrayed her as the slave Ms Carson had gone to such lengths to create.

It was far more than Brandy had ever anticipated or wanted when she had been offered the role of Personal Assistant and although she had known that bondage was a condition of the role she could not possibly have envisaged the stringency and permanence of the restraints that she would have to wear and endure. If only she had had the slightest inkling of what lay in store, she would never have accepted the job. However, she had and when her Mistress connected her nipple-rings with a chain on which hung an oval plate bearing the words “Sex Slave Brandy” not even Brandy herself could have argued with its accuracy. In her collar and chains, at the mercy of her Mistress and unable to resist the incredible sexual ecstasies so frequently imposed upon her, she was and could only be exactly what the plate stated she was. She was indeed a slave who, with each passing day, knew that she was becoming ever more addicted to the insidious allure of her helpless plight and the strong, dominant Mistress who had taken her freedom.

At last, the depth of her absolute subjugation, the immediate, uncontrollable responses of her body and the depth and power of her inevitable sexual surrenders, convinced Ms Carson that Brandy was now sufficiently docile and obedient to be permitted to repay a little of the sexual pleasure she had received.

Part 4

Released from her floor anchorage only after being leashed by her clitoris ring, Brandy’s progress through the huge, luxurious penthouse was slow, uncomfortable and humiliating. Her heels clicked at every one of the dozens of tiny, awkward steps enforced on her by the rigid bar between her cuffed ankles and the chains joining her restraints clinked musically while soft whimpers filtered past her gag when the leash swung and tugged erratically at her pierced flesh.

When the electrically-operated folding doors separating the lounge from the patio slid back and Brandy realised that she was going to be taken outside into the open air, she tried to hold back, realising at once that her nude, heavily-chained body would be visible to anyone with a view of the rooftop. Of course, her instinctive reaction earned an immediate cruel jerk of the leash and despite her squeal of pain, she was forced to leave the sanctuary of the penthouse and stumble forward onto the wide expanse of patio; chains and rings flashing in the bright sunlight and heels clattering on the marble tiles.

She was drawn over to the heavy teak loungers arranged beside the kidney-shaped swimming-pool and shuddered when a link of the chain leash to her clitoris-ring was clipped to a steel bracket screwed into the arm of one of them, tethering her in full view of the windows of the other tall buildings nearby. Unable to move away, she whimpered in horror when without a backward glance, Ms Carson strolled back into the penthouse leaving heron display and utterly helpless. Her blue eyes filled with a curious mixture of despair and embarrassment at her exposed plight, coupled with guilt at the heat of desire coiling in her belly at the continued ruthless domination imposed by her Mistress.

  Despite her situation, she could not control the shameful stiffening of her nipples or the wetness between her legs and when her mind pictured scores of eyes gazing at her from the many windows of the other buildings, her belly kicked fiercely and a silver stream of juices oozed from her sex and trickled down her thighs when her body responded to the power of her own imagination.

For endless minutes she was prey to erotic visions of unknown strangers from behind those windows somehow appearing on the patio to wreak their will upon her defenceless body and while her imagination ran riot, Brandy’s arousal reached such a fevered pitch that she would almost have welcomed their presence. The eventual return of Ms Carson did nothing to reduce her soaring passion, for the older woman wore only a short silk scarf around her hips, her breasts and long, slender legs bare to the warm sunshine when she’d arranged herself comfortably on the lounger to which Brandy was tethered.

  Smiling into Brandy’s gagged face, she reached up and casually fondled the wet-slick folds of her slave’s sex, chuckling throatily as the helpless captive whimpered and pressed her hips forward in an effort to impale herself on the arousing slim fingers. Brandy was uncaring that she was exhibiting the full depth of her overwhelming passion and desire to submit to not only her Mistress, but also to however many eyes might be drinking in her subjugation from the windows opposite.

    Relaxed and in total control of the situation, Ms Carson toyed with her helpless captive until she decided that Brandy was ready to serve her, then drew the scarf aside with one hand and reached up with the other to hook a finger into Brandy’s left nipple-ring. Pausing for a moment to release the clip of Brandy’s clitoris leash, she applied downward tension with her finger, forcing the hapless girl to her knees beside the lounger, then calmly told her it was time to pleasure her Mistress with her lips and tongue. From the moment she had accepted the post of Personal Assistant, Brandy had always known that she and Ms Carson would become lovers and had been perfectly willing to share her bed and the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure that she had assumed would inevitably follow. She had certainly received, again and again, but before, she had the chance to return the favours. Now though she had been bound, gagged, pierced and transformed into a helpless captive, incapable of resisting her utterly dominant and ruthless Mistress. Kneeling at her side, Brandy worked her jaws when the bar between her teeth was removed, then bent her head to press her lips to Ms Carson’s belly in response to a gentle tug of her nipple-ring. When she did her belly coiled with liquid heat from the first scent and taste of the woman who had enslaved her and forced her to submit to the exquisite ecstasy of her own sexual subjugation.

    Although not the only time Brandy had done something very similar, it was very definitely her first time as a slave, naked and in chains, under the fingertip control of Ms Carson. She knew with certainty that there would be instant, painful punishment if she even attempted to resist or refuse. Fiercely aroused and only inches from her own orgasm, she lapped and nibbled and sucked at the soft, moist petals of her Mistress’s labia, then at her silent direction, sent her tongue swirling and diving into the recesses of the waiting sex; her actions intensifying the strength of her own need while she surrendered willingly to a very personal enforced subjugation and servitude.

  Focussed solely on her task, she was oblivious to everything but the squirming body beneath her lips, no thought in her mind but the absolute need to pleasure her Mistress and when Ms Carson gave a breathy scream and arched in release, Brandy lapped eagerly at the sweet juices that oozed from her quivering sex, delighting in her success.

   For long moments, Mistress and slave shared pleasure as equals, but only until Ms Carson recovered enough to restore their relative positions. This was instantly accomplished when she snapped the clip of Brandy’s leash through her nose-ring and to the anchor point on the arm of her chair, keeping her on her knees and unable to raise her head. Gazing down at the bowed figure of her slave, Ms Carson smiled in satisfaction at the success of her choice of Brandy for her lover and sexual slave; pleased that her instincts about the blonde had been accurate. It wasn’t the first time that she had selected a potential slave from the many young, attractive girls she deliberately chose to employ in the large and successful businesses she had built up over the years, and in fact, Brandy was the fourth to serve as a long-term, live-in slave and she, like her predecessors, had been so dazzled by the prospect of promotion and the extra money that went with it, that she had naively imagined that the bondage she had agreed to accept, would only be imposed on her in the bedroom.

  Now, Brandy, like her predecessors, knew differently, but it was far too late to have second thoughts and she would serve in whatever manner was required for as long Ms Carson cared to keep her. Leaning back on the lounger, Ms Carson stretched luxuriously and relaxed in the warm sunshine that bathed her nude body, savouring the delicious aftermath of pleasure still rippling through her belly. There was no need to hurry and Brandy certainly wasn’t going anywhere until she was released and besides, she could well be needed to supply a second orgasm to her Mistress before that happened. If she did exceptionally well, she might even earn herself one.

Part 5

    Over months of ruthless practise, her Mistress had finally succeeded in training Brandy’s arms into a full reverse-prayer. Now her limbs could be fully inverted behind her back so that her wrists were held high between her shoulder-blades and her fingertips touched the steel collar clamped irremovably around her throat.

  A short, rigid bar from wrist-cuffs to the collar ensured they stayed that way and with her elbow-cuffs locked together, her arms were completely lost to her. From in front, not even the very tips of her fingers were visible, while from behind, the incredible severity of the position was plainly obvious and Brandy hated it, but was perversely proud of the fact that she could manage it at all. Her Mistress insisted on it and only freed her arms for short periods while Brandy was otherwise securely bound, and so she had very little choice but to get used to it whether she liked it or not. Being so helpless and vulnerable by this type of bondage acted to continually stoke the fires of Brandy’s eroticism, but her vulnerability was a terrorizing thing.

    So after being ordered into her skin-tight rubber suit and submitting to the reverse-prayer, there was no point in trying to object when her Mistress produced a new restraint. It was made of heavy white leather and stainless steel, combining a posture-collar, corset and chastity-belt, and to boot it came with an in-built, remote-controlled dildo. It was only after everything was fitted and adjusted to crushing tightness that Brandy discovered that the shaft impaling her sex had disciplinary capabilities when her Mistress demonstrated the capability, mildly she said, by utilising electric shocks of varying strengths, set by the remote-control. These shocks, as her Mistress informed her, would usually be administered by her, but might on occasion be someone else, if Brandy failed to be fully-pleasing and needed to be taught a lesson. Of course Brandy herself would never, ever have control of the disciplinary capabilities.

   The demonstration which followed was nowhere near as enjoyable for Brandy as it was for her Mistress. She was taken from the warning tingle of Level 1 through the next three intermediate levels of increasing discomfort, to the near-unbearable torment of a Level 5 punishment. Her horror and fear overwhelmed her as it had to her predecessors and she immediately learned that there was no possible defence or escape from the dildo buried in her belly. Intensely aware that the device was more than capable of compelling her instant and unquestioning obedience, and with her Mistress’s finger hovering over the button of the remote-control, Brandy dared not even attempt to complain, far less resist, when a leather head-harness and thick bit-gag rendered her mute and a short chain hobbled her ankles.

    Even though leashed, Brandy was slow to react when her Mistress ordered her to walk ahead of her to the entrance hall of the penthouse, but when a sharp electric shock jolted through her belly, she quickly hobbled forward in helpless submission; eyes wide with apprehension. Even then, the possibility of leaving the penthouse never crossed her mind and when Ms Carson made an announcement that they were both going to take a stroll to the end of the street and back, Brandy simply stared at her in blank incomprehension. Never once since her enslavement, not even in her wildest dreams, had Brandy ever envisaged being out in public while in bondage! She had experienced semi-public display on the patio of her Mistress’s penthouse, but that was as nothing compared to the appalling prospect of being taken from the security of her new home out onto the streets of the city. She was horrified that she’d be helplessly chained and gagged, in broad daylight, on a working day, in streets thronged with office workers and tourists. She couldn’t! She wouldn’t! It was utterly out of the question and was simply not going to happen.

Her fragile determination wavered when the door of the private elevator sighed open and her Mistress accompanied an order to get in with a Level 3 shock, then, when Brandy failed to obey immediately, a ruthlessly-applied Level 5 disciplinary punishment crushed her pitiful defiance and brought squeals of pained anguish from her gagged lips when fierce jolts of pain shot through her sex and forced to comply. Brandy lurched into the elevator, her eyes wild with horror and fear at the merciless demonstration of her Mistress’s power over her and when the doors closed and the elevator hummed downwards. She could only cling to the frail hope that Ms Carson was playing some sort of cruel game with her and did not really intend to take her outside the building ... until the elevator began to slow to a halt and Ms Carson murmured instructions in her ear while administering another Level 3 shock to reinforce her orders. Brandy learned that her Mistress was totally serious.

Frozen into immobility and stunned by the ordeal she faced, she whimpered when the doors slid back to reveal several groups of people chatting and networking in the ground-floor foyer, then winced in response when yet another Level 3 shock shuddered her belly; her brain reeling to the knowledge that any further attempt to refuse or defy her Mistress would result in an immediate Level 5 punishment that she could neither prevent, nor resist.

    There was no choice but to obey and so she tottered forward on her immense heels; the hobble-chain which had replaced the spreader-bar between her cuffed ankles clinking and jingling with every short pace she took and of course the noisy rattling immediately attracted attention. One face, then another, and another, and another, turned to see what was causing the unusual sound; the hum of conversation dying to a deathly silence when every man and woman gazed in mute disbelief. First, they stared at the bizarre sight of Brandy’s shaven head, tightly-corseted body, embarrassingly-prominent breasts and obviously-pierced nipples, then noticed the thick bar wedged between her teeth, her seeming lack of arms and the gleaming steel chain linking her cuffed ankles. Horribly humiliated, Brandy longed to lower her head to avoid the faces staring at her, but the rigid posture-collar locked around her throat would not permit it and all she could do was drop her eyes as she strutted across the floor to the street door.

  Halfway, Ms Carson snapped an order to halt and Brandy instantly spread her legs and arched her spine into the display position as she had been trained. Her response was automatic and without conscious thought and she realised too late that her unquestioning obedience of her Mistress’s command, confirmed her as the slave she had been conditioned and disciplined to become. For only the briefest of moments, fantasies of rebellion and escape flitted through her mind, but the tight grasp of leather and steel and the looming menace of the shock-dildo buried deep in her belly dragged her back to the harsh realities of her true situation. The stunned silence of the crowd ended abruptly and a barrage of questions and comments broke over Brandy and Ms Carson. Surrounded by the crowd and unable to conceal any part of her rubber- clad, heavily-restrained body, Brandy could only endure the curious stares and embarrassingly-detailed inspection of her breasts, belly and buttocks. Her shame was intense while both men and women gazed in fascination at the severity of her bondage; some shocked and appalled by her plight while others clearly enjoyed and were excited by the image of absolute subjugation she presented.

   Gagged and unable to explain or dispute anything, she groaned in despair when her Mistress’s calm voice responded to the many questions.Yes, Brandy was indeed her slave.  Yes, she had agreed to be bound and had signed a contract to that effect. The cuffs and chains were all perfectly genuine and Brandy could not free herself. She was gagged because, as her Mistress, she wanted it that way. The leather harness had been specifically made for Brandy and included a chastity-belt. No, she was not permitted any sexual pleasure until she had earned it. No, the contract did not specify a time limit and it was up to her Mistress to decide how long Brandy would serve as her slave. Yes, those were nipple-rings beneath the rubber and they matched the one in her nose. Yes, she had been trained to obey and would not move until ordered.

    As they could plainly see, Brandy was deeply submissive, so it was perfectly normal and reasonable for her to submit to a strong and powerful dominant. When a woman asked if she might test Brandy’s obedience, her Mistress agreed and invited the woman to touch her slave however she wished. Brandy’s gasp of alarm earned her a warning shock and she understood that whatever the woman did she must not break her pose. Unfortunately for Brandy, the woman was one of those who was excited by her bondage and defencelessness and took full advantage of the opportunity offered to her.

   Dwarfed by Brandy in her towering high heels, she was not in the least over-awed and when she reached up to capture Brandy’s jutting breasts and rolled and squeezed her ringed nipples, waves of arousal mixed with flashes of pain shot through Brandy’s body and she fought to hold her position, knowing that if she failed, her Mistress was poised and waiting, ready to punish her with cruel electric shocks. Forced to submit to a complete stranger, Brandy whimpered in despair when her nipples erected to an aching hardness that was all-too-visible to her tormentor and the watching crowd. Her body’s responses betrayed the need flaring through her belly, her humiliation was complete when the woman took her hands away and laughingly complimented her Mistress on the obvious sexual heat and obedience of her slave.

    Ms Carson accepted the compliment with a gracious smile and informed the crowd that she was taking Brandy outside for a walk and politely requested them to clear a path to the door. She received a round of applause while they stepped aside to let her through. Still in her display position, Brandy remained motionless until her Mistress ordered her to move, then tip-tapped her way across the foyer and out into the street, turning left at the instruction of her Mistress and the compulsion of a warning Level 3 shock.

Part 6

As in the foyer, it was only seconds before Brandy’s appearance focussed every eye, but this time, her Mistress did not order her to halt and as she made her slow, laborious, chain-hobbled way towards the park, Brandy had to run the gauntlet of a thousand incredulously staring eyes, unaware that her Mistress was no longer directly behind, but had eased back a pace or two and merged into the crowd. When she finally neared the park, the crowds thinned and it was then that Brandy first saw the man coming directly towards her. It was his boldness that she noticed first, for unlike the other men who had ogled her exposed and helpless body, he did not look away when she caught his eye. Instead, he met her gaze calmly, carefully surveyed her from head to foot and back again, then held her eyes with his own until she flushed redly and looked away.

When she looked back a moment later, he was still staring directly at her and when she read the naked lust burning in his dark eyes, Brandy shivered in fear, realising that this man wanted her and saw her in the same way that her Mistress did. She knew without a doubt that he looked upon her as a full slave; essentially a chained, gagged, helpless female to be used for his pleasure. She was a trained and obedient sex-toy meant to serve him in any way he desired, regardless of her own wishes or preference. Brandy knew that if he possessed her, her only purpose would be to provide him with total sexual satisfaction on pain of merciless punishment for even the smallest failure.

It was the first time that Brandy had experienced a man looking at her in such a way, but she knew instinctively that were it not for the fact that she was in a public street and under the protection of her Mistress, he would seize her, throw her to her back and take her right there, pillaging her body and taking from her whatever he wanted. Mesmerised by his eyes, she couldn’t look away and when he drew nearer, her breath came faster and faster, her out thrust, ringed and superbly vulnerable breasts heaving erratically from the panicky turmoil of her racing thoughts.

She wanted to turn and run, but the combination of her ruthlessly ingrained obedience and the fearful knowledge that she could never hope to escape either him or her Mistress and that she would easily be captured, kept her strutting slowly forward towards him with the musical jingling of her hobble chain betokening her subservience.

   Two paces away, his left hand rose and when his thin lips curled into a cruel smile, Brandy froze into immobility, unable to move a single muscle or tear her frightened eyes away from his hard gaze, then his hand cupped her left breast; finger and thumb capturing her ringed nipple. When he rolled and then squeezed, Brandy whimpered and arched her spine to press her breast deeper into his grasp, scorching arousal pouring through her belly while she submitted instantly to his dominant authority. He held her like that for two long seconds, then nodded and walked on leaving her trembling in need and horribly afraid that her surrender had been witnessed by her Mistress and would lead to the most severe punishment for her actions.

   From behind her and to her shocked disbelief, she heard Ms Carson introduce herself to the unknown man and ask him if he would be interested in joining her for the remainder of their stroll and then for a lunch at which she would like him to consider assisting in the further training of her slave. Brandy’s belly kicked violently at the stunning offer and she bent forward instinctively, only to squeal in distress and jerk her body into display position when a painful Level 5 shock jolted through her sex. Frantic to avoid another of the horribly-punishing shocks, she dared not even shudder while her Mistress calmly explained the disciplinary capabilities of the shaft buried in her slave’s belly. Brandy’s horror and despair redoubled when the man’s deep voice replied that he was a firm believer in rigorous discipline for slaves and was very pleased to see that Ms Carson kept hers under strict control. The chilling response confirmed what Brandy had seen in his eyes when he had first looked at her and her Mistress chuckled with pleasure, agreeing that slaves should never be permitted any leniency or slackness. Brandy understood that if he accepted the offer to help train her, neither of them would hesitate to use whatever means they considered necessary to enforce their power. There was absolutely nothing she could do about it and when she confronted the devastating prospect of becoming the slave of not one, but two demanding, uncompromising and utterly ruthless dominants, Brandy shivered to the waves of heat that rippled through her belly at the inevitability of the limitless sexual subjugation that would be imposed upon her. Then, there were the exquisite pleasures she would be forced to provide for both her Mistress and Master.

  The return journey to the penthouse sped by in a blur for Brandy, her brain racing as she tried to come to terms with the new situation she faced. Despite everything that she had suffered: the bondage, the piercings, the disciplinary punishments and humiliating submission she had been compelled to give, Brandy knew she was hopelessly in love with her Mistress and would never willingly give up her life of enforced obedience and servitude. Given the incredible level of subjugation imposed on her, it made no sense, even to Brandy herself, but somehow, in the long months since her enslavement had begun, it had happened, and she could not change the total devotion she felt towards Ms Carson.

  She didn’t want to serve anyone else, but if her Mistress wished the man to join in the training of her slave, then Brandy knew she would be given no choice but to submit as the full slave she was. The man would become her Master, just as Ms Carson was her Mistress, with the same total authority and control over her and the same power to use her body exactly as he chose. The vivid memory of his eyes devouring every inch of her defenceless body left her in no doubt that he would exert that power to the full and her belly swirled with fierce heat at the certainty of being taken by him.

  It was many months since Brandy had had sex with a man and in her relationships, it had always been the man’s responsibility to satisfy her, but as a slave she realised she would now be required to ensure her new Master’s total satisfaction and would be severely punished if she failed. Brandy shivered, fearing he would not be an easy Master to serve and would demand the same levels of perfection as her Mistress and she would have to provide it to them both. It would happen every day, in bed and out, on her feet, on her knees, or on her back, with her mouth and her sex, in her chains, as their slave, for as long as they cared to keep her.

A musical double chime warned Brandy that the private elevator to the penthouse had been called and that she had two minutes to reach the front door in time to greet the occupant.

Part 7

It was time she needed, for as always when left alone in her Mistress’s home, she was blindfolded as well as securely shackled at wrists and ankles and as an added precaution against her escape, although it was entirely unnecessary, Brandy was fitted with a proximity sensor for the shock-dildo buried in her sex. It was programmed to administer continuous Level 5 punishment if she tried to leave the confines of the penthouse and after even a minute of these, she would be bought to her knees, then fall on the floor, kicking, writhing and screaming into her gag.

Hooded, collared, corseted, her bare breasts lifted and offered by a tight leather harness; naked below the waist, perched on high spike heels and with steel gleaming on her restrained limbs, Brandy was dressed exactly as her Master and Mistress wished. Her appearance reflected the full extent and permanence of her slavery.

Slowly and cautiously making her blindfolded way to the front door, she waited for the single chime to announce the arrival of the elevator, then opened the door wide, arched her spine and spread her legs to the limit of her hobble-chain, displaying and offering her body and her submission to whoever had arrived. It would most probably be either her Mistress or her Master, but as she knew to her helpless terror there was a select few, thankfully very few, of her Mistress’s female friends who had been honoured with a pass-key to the elevator, and along with it, free use of her slave.

Blindfolded, it had been some time before Brandy had realised that the lips feasting on her breasts and the fingers invading her sex, did not belong to her Mistress, but by then her fierce need and desire to surrender had already taken her beyond recall and she climaxed explosively, as a full slave, unable to control her passion or care who had witnessed her unconditional submission. The consequences were the reinforcement and deepening of her subjugation when she had served the owners of the fingers and lips and returned the pleasure she had received, without ever being certain who those owners were that she had had to struggle to satisfy.

As far as she knew, her Master was the only man who had entered her body to spill his seed in her belly, but she was acutely aware that she could easily be wrong, for on several occasions she had remained blindfolded, fully hooded and gagged throughout, with no way to identify the male who used her. After so long as a bondage sex-slave, deprived of freedom, choice and any control over her own body, Brandy had eventually been forced to accept that such things were not for her to know and that others would decide when, how and in what manner she would serve.  Just as she had served the occupant of the elevator, whoever he or she might be.

She did not know whether it would happen immediately, or whether she would simply be left and ignored until such time as her sexual services were required, but either way she would be ready when her gag or the shock-dildo was removed to give access to the area chosen for use. There was no option and so she would have to be, for neither her Master or her Mistress or her friends would accept anything other than the perfection she had been remorselessly trained to provide. They would not hesitate to discipline her severely if they were not totally satisfied with her performance.

It was the life of a full, permanent slave; her life now since accepting Ms Carson’s job offer, and she could not change it and so when a man’s heavy tread walked past her into the penthouse, Brandy closed the door and stood obediently awaiting his pleasure, feeling her nipples stiffen and her sex moisten while her body automatically prepared itself for whatever sexual services might be required of her.

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