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- 15th August, 2010 -

Another two short stories this month.  The first is “FANTASY FULLFILLED ...?” and is accompanied by a black and white sketch by Robert Bishop.   Unfortunately, the quality of reproduction is not very good, but enough to set the scene for my scribbling, I hope.  The second story, “HIGH HEEL HANGUP” was inspired by the coloured art of Kovacqs, an artist whose work I really like.  In the “IMAGES” Section, I’ve posted sixteen pictures of our newly-completed playroom with maxi testing-out the chair.

- 2nd July, 2010 -

A pair of short stories this month. The first, with coloured art by KC, is entitled “IT'S GOOD TO TALK” and shows the lengths that caring husbands will go to in order that their wives can stay in regular communication ... sort of!  The second, “SPECIATLY OF THE HOUSE” was inspired by a De Haro coloured work and goes to show that trying to “kiss and tell” on a powerful and well-connected boyfriend may well turn out to have unexpected and unwanted consequences.

The pictures this month are of maxi finding out that although her latest toys may be modelled on 19th century screw-lock restraints, she is still unable to break, pick, or slip her wrists and ankles out of them.

- 2nd May, 2010 -

Just the one longer short story this month, again inspired by an artist whose talent and imagination often triggers my brain into conjuring up a tale of how the hapless young woman concerned manages to get herself into such a helpless and vulnerable situation. “WELDED BLISS” is the title and was inspired by the superbly detailed artwork of PowerPC, and tells the tale of a very lucky young woman whose love of bondage is shared by her equally lucky, dominant childhood sweetheart.  Together, they decide that a Master/slave relationship is what they want ... a permanent relationship.

To make up for only posting the one story, there are two sets of pix: the first one shows maxi undergoing obedience training in a stable loose-box, the second one is of her in some of the various roles I require of her ... and even including a couple showing yours truly (slightly blurred-out to protect the innocent!!!)

My fourth, full-length novel, “SLAVES OF THE CIRCLE T” (written under my pen-name of Charles Graham) has now been published by Pink Flamingo Books ( and as the royalties on sales go towards keeping my old computer running and supplying my lovely wife and star of the Images section, maxi, supplied with costumes, restraints and equipment which then appear on the site, I’d be very grateful for your support if you would care to buy either this, or any other of my books.

- 15th February, 2010 -

The latest scribblings from my fevered imagination include a longer short story entitled “THE SLAVE GIRL EXPERIENCE” ... my light-hearted take on the excesses of the holiday advertising industry, featuring numerous artworks from one of my favourite artists, Grigbertz.  In addition, a vignette entitled, “STAINLESS SLAVE” inspired by the drawing of an unknown artist who certainly understands how to keep a captive female under total and absolute control.

In the February Images Section, maxi tries a little semi-suspension and thoroughly enjoys my attentions, then demonstrates that exercising on a treadmill doesn’t have to be boring.

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