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- 26th December, 2011 -

Apologies from the WebMaster:  This should have gone up MUCH earlier: November Update

Only one story this month, but it does have 40 ... yes, forty ... images with it, so I hope you won’t feel short-changed.  The story is entitled “RATS IN THE CELLAR” and combines my words with fantastic artwork from the brilliant faile35 who has generously allowed me to use his illustrations. He has many other equally evocative drawings on the deviantART web site and I highly recommend a visit to check out his gallery.

And now a blatant plug for my full-length bondage and BDSM novels, which are available on a new site, the where, if you look under paperbacks or ebooks for Maledom and then check out my author pen-name of Charles Graham, you will find my five books on sale, each with a brief synopsis and excerpt of the story. Should you buy any of them, the royalties go to maintaining my site and adding to maxi’s wardrobe and restraint devices, which then appear in the images section of my site for your enjoyment – a win-win situation for all of us, I like to think......

Talking of images, the pictures this month are of a recent evening, spent quietly at home, relaxing in comfortable and familiar surroundings, with entertainment provided by the sights and sounds of maxi having fun in her own inimitable fashion.

- 22nd July, 2011 -

The two stories featured this month both have some excellent cartoon-style, colour artwork to complement my words.

The first “SEVEN YEAR BITCH” illustrated by KC, tells what happens when a loving husband finally loses patience with a wife who considers she is too mature and sophisticated to play the games they both used to love before getting married.

The second is called “PAYBACK” and has not one, not two, not three, but four drawings by SJ, an artist who has clearly never heard of the word overkill where bondage is concerned. The accompanying story is of a stepmother’s determination to carry out the final wishes of her late husband and, not entirely coincidentally, to exact a fitting revenge on her three spoilt and ungrateful step-daughters.

A selection of pictures this month showS the employment of some new restraint gear which we've recently acquired and have previously shown on the site.

- 10th April, 2011 -

The first story posted this month is inspired by the work of an unknown artist and is called “TROPHY WIFE" telling how a husband deals with his young wife’s unfaithfulness, without all the bother and unpleasantness of going through a divorce, or even a separation that would deprive him of the many benefits of having her nearby.

The second, “BITTER HARVEST”, illustrated with a black-and-white drawing by PICHARD, is the tale of a poor farmer who has to make a heart-rending decision in order to secure the future for his family ... at a dreadful cost to his innocent young daughter.

The pics for this month show two of the many possibilities for fun and games that our playroom and its furniture provide. I’m learning to do some of my own basic leatherwork at the moment – mainly simple straps and cuffs and although my workmanship may not be up to professional standards, it’s very satisfying and saves me a lot of cash to spend on things that I can’t make myself.


- 1st March, 2011 -

The two stories this month both feature heavy-duty steel restraints, designed and engineered to keep the females concerned thoroughly immobilised and available for the enjoyment and pleasure of the constructors of the devices.

The first, DEAL OF THE DAY, with artwork by GRIGBERTZ, tells of a model whose overconfidence and greed leads her to underestimate the business acumen of the highly-skilled artisan who crafted the restraint she demonstrates. The second, A STORY OF O, illustrated by an excellent example of the work of COCO, also involves a model, but this time, an amateur who requires considerable instruction, training and practice in order to bring her performance up to an acceptable level for appearing in public.

The personal pix this month are of the ongoing fit-out of our playroom and show the modifications made to a massage table we bought on Ebay.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that my fifth full-length bondage/BDSM novel has now been published by Pink Flamingo ( and is available in paperback and ebook versions. It’s called SISTERS IN SLAVERY and you can find a sample chapter on the Pink Flamingo site under my pen-name of Charles Graham. Should you be interested, there are also sample chapters of my other books, OLIVIA ENSLAVED, BONDAGE HOTEL, CAPTIVES OF THE COLONEL, and SLAVES OF THE CIRCLE T.

- 10th January, 2011 -

It’s been a long time since the last update, what with necessary work on our home, helping a friend build his house and a much-needed holiday, but here it is at last.  Many thanks for those who wrote to enquire if maxi and I were OK and we hope you enjoy this month’s offering.

A bonus story because it’s just past Christmas, so there's three to check out instead of the usual two.

The first “LITERARY MUSE”, was illustrated by one of Alazar’s excellent drawings but is, unfortunately, NOT the way I derive inspiration for my writing ... much as I might like it to be ... but I can dream, can’t I? The second story, with more fantastic art by Bishop, is entitled “THE STRAY” ... a cautionary tale for those adventurous and unwise females who hanker to see the “real” country rather than the organised, pre-packaged “local culture” most tourists stick with. Finally, the bonus, “PLATINUM PLAYTHING” was inspired by an excellent colour illustration by an artist unknown to me. In this case despite the practice of some credit cards giving 'air miles' ... others have much better incentive schemes.

The images this month are from our recent trip to Canada, where we visited some friends on Vancouver Island amongst other adventures.

SERVICE NOTE The site navigation has changed a little, but this should be a fairly logical one and it saves my webmaster a huge amount of work in keeping the site current.  Thank you for your understanding.

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