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- 10th December, 2009 -

First of all, a very Happy Christmas to our readers from maxi and me – we hope you all have a good time and that 2010 treats you well. This month’s update has a long(ish) story entitled “The Chattel Act” with a number of illustrations by the talented artist RubberMatt, plus a short one, “Binding Agreement” - inspired by a picture taken by an artist unknown to me. In addition, the final series of pics of our holiday in Portugal, including some that were taken on a public beach, thankfully quiet at the time.

- 23rd September, 2009 -

Firstly, my apologies to all for the delay in posting the update. We are moving house and have been up to our eyeballs in finding and organising builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, etc., so the site had to take a back seat for a while. Hopefully, things will start returning to what passes in our lives for normal service from now on and we will do our best to make more regular updates, but are sure you will understand that we have to concentrate on getting our new home habitable first. The good news is that we will eventually have a playroom/dungeon and a private area of garden, which should give us lots of opportunities for more pix of our games.

This month, two more short stories: “Yoga Training” with accompanying art by an artist whose name I cannot find and “New Direction” with a colour illustration by Power PC. There is also another selection of pix showing some of maxi’s outdoor adventures during our holiday in Portugal, taken in the garden and grounds of our rented villa.

And finally, a shameless plug! The publishers of my full-length novels, Pink Flamingo Books will have my third book, “Olivia Enslaved” on sale very soon and if you would care to purchase it or either of my previous two books (all three written under my pen-name of Charles Graham) “Bondage Hotel” and “Captives of the Colonel”, I would greatly appreciate your support.

- 10th July, 2009 -

This month, we reach PART 6 of “ONE POUND PONY GIRL”, the final one, in which Amanda takes her revenge for the humiliation visited upon her by Gabrielle. With that score settled, she then learns the depth and extent of the shared bond of trust, respect and devotion that exists between a pony girl and her one true Master. Secretly envious, she wonders if, one day, she too might find such a relationship, but cannot quite bring herself to make such a commitment when offered the opportunity – not then, anyway.

When she leaves, Gabrielle is pleased to be alone again with her Master, but is anxious that he may be thinking of taking a second pony girl, Amanda, into his stable. His response is both alarming and reassuring, for although it binds her to him even more strongly than the leather and steel of her harness, she knows that she will never be able to buy back the freedom she sold for one solitary pound ... and nor does she wish to.

Also, two more short stories, the first “THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN” inspired by the full-colour art of Tealdo, the second “NOT WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTING, DARLING?” my take on another wonderful black-and-white drawing by the late Robert Bishop.

Plus, some more photos of the games we play; this time taken during a recent holiday at a gorgeous rented villa in Portugal.

- 10th April, 2009 -

PART 5 of “ONE POUND PONY GIRL” has been loaded and I think you'll enjoy it, for, now fully kitted-out as her Master’s pony slave, complete with tail, Gabrielle’s obedience is further tested when she is harnessed to a cart and made to pull him wherever her reins command. Now she is kept as a mute, blinkered beast of burden and a convenient outlet for the sexual urges and her servitude awakens in both him and her. Her ultimate test comes when a former acquaintance appears on the scene and she is ordered to demonstrate her hard-earned skills as a fully-trained pony girl. She has no choice but to obey ... or does she?

Another two more short stories this month – “ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT” with another delightful black and white illustration by Bishop; and “HOUSEBOUND” a tale inspired by a photograph which, to me at least, epitomises the beauty and serenity of a woman who is deeply content in her willing submission to the Master she has chosen to love and serve.

Also included are some more pictures of our Canadian holiday adventures.

- 20th February, 2009 -

Here’s PART 4 of “ONE POUND PONY GIRL”, in which Gabrielle’s training begins in earnest. With no way to resist the demands of her Master and his ever-ready whip, she must obey or suffer the consequences of attempting to defy his wishes. His standards are high, but her hard work eventually reaps rewards that fill her belly and mind with delicious sexual pleasure beyond anything she has experienced or even imagined. When she submits to the ecstasy of the servitude she no longer wishes to escape, Gabrielle recognises that she has changed and her freedom has gone forever.

There are also two more short stories this month ... “RUBBER RESTRAINED ROMANCE” with art by PowerPC and “SLAVE IN WAITING” with art by Kovacqs.

In the Images Section I’ve added the second part of maxi’s session on the Plank Bed in JG-Leathers' Whine Cellar, showing some of the other, mainly pleasurable, torments to which she was willingly subjected.

- 25th January, 2009 -

A Happy New Year to all of our readers!

ONE POUND PONY - PART THREE has been added to the site in which Gabrielle begins to understand the pleasures that can be found in being bound and dominated by a Master who can and will demand that his slave obeys perfectly and submits fully to the passions he knows her body contains. After her first night as a stabled pony girl, her training begins and she soon discovers that a harnessed, bitted and reined pony is in no position to argue or refuse the instructions of her Trainer ......

As well this month, a short story, BEGINNER'S LUCK has been loaded and this one was inspired by another of Bishop's wonderful black and white drawings. The other, slightly longer story, PALACE COUP, was inspired by two Kovacq's illustrations and are included.

More pix of our adventures in Canada have also been uploaded, these showing the first half of maxi's Plank Bed Experience in JG-Leathers Whine Cellar.

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